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Rank semifinalist group B best to worst


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1. Casey Bishop


2. Chayce Beckham

3. Beane

4. Mary Jo Young


5. Hannah Everhart



6. Ava August


7. Liahona Olayan (wait, what?)



8. Colin Jamieson (double what?)

9. Hunter Metts

10. Madison Watkins



11. Caleb Kennedy

12. Jason Warrior.


I should note that I'm giving equal weight to the solo and the duet here. If I weighed the solos heavier, Caleb drops to last place (Jason's duet was by far the worst of the 24 performances tonight), and Colin's still in 8th but he's a lot closer to Liahona and Ava and even makes up a little ground on Hannah.

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After what happened today:


1. Ava August

2. Casey Bishop

3. Chayce Beckham

4. Hunter Metz

5. Liahona Olayan

6. Mary Jo Young

7. Brennan Helper 

8. Jason Warrior - I know some people here like this kind of contestant, but I'm not a fan of the over the top singing and never will be...

9. Caleb Kennedy - I don't think he's the worst contestant, but I'm never going to like this archetype

10. Madison Watkins

11. Colin Jamieson

12. Hannah Everhart



Overall, a much weaker bunch than Group A

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The ones that should make it.

1. Ava

2. Casey

3. Chayce


Personal favorites even though they disappointed me.

4. Mary Jo

5. Beane

6. Caleb

7. Hunter


I really don't care.

8. Jason

9. Madison

10. Colin

11. Liahona



12. Hannah

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