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  1. I’m so happy to get more chances to see REAL stage performances from Arthur Gunn. His voice still gives me chills when I hear it, and felt robbed of an experience last season.
  2. Not crazy about Madison. Beane I can tolerate, but Madison?...
  3. I actually like Colin, don’t get why so much hate.
  4. Oh no, he was my fave after Murphy. Not much left for me to root for now. I hope he’s okay.
  5. I love Alanis, but that performance was weak for me. Deshawn did a great job, though!
  6. Very happy for Graham. I’m not a fan of Alyssa or Grace, not my kind of music, (power ballads), but I’m happy for their fans.
  7. 1. Chayce Beckham 2. Casey Bishop 3. Colin Jamieson 4. Ava August 5. Hunter Everyone else 12. Hannah Everhart
  8. Can someone tell me how Hannah actually got this far? She’s just not good enough. Sorry to her fans. I’m just not hearing any talent, just off-key shouting.
  9. I will be extremely happy. Nothing new with her voice for me. I can’t get myself excited to hear her sing. I guess she doesn’t have enough stage presence for me, just great vocals. But, these types of singers are always popular on this show, so I guess she will likely win.
  10. I am trying my best, and just can’t get any of the hype around Grace. Her performances tonight were just mediocre for what she’s vocally capable of. I don’t find her to be an artist with a signature, just an amazingly good singer.
  11. I have never disagreed on every single point with a review in my life, until now! Wow.
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