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  1. Not an all-male finale. Finales are Top 3 in the ABC era and Madison was third. I mean, technically the S14 finale started with a female not yet eliminated, but unlike S15 when the whole top three were allowed to sing their OWS before Dalton was announced as the third-place finisher, JAX wasn't allowed to sing anything. (Speaking of which, after having exactly six performances in each of the first 14 finales, we've had a different number of performances every year since the last such year--7 in S15, 9 in S16, 8 in S17, and 10 in S18. I'm looking forward to how they squeeze out 11 n
  2. 1. Hunter Metts - "You'll Be in My Heart" (Phil Collins) 2. Arthur Gunn - "Remember Me" (from Coco) 3. Grace Kinstler - "Into the Unknown" (Idina Menzel feat. Aurora) 4. Alyssa Wray - "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" (Ilene Woods) 5. Casey Bishop - "When She Loved Me" (Sarah McLachlan) 6. Chayce Beckham - "Baby Mine" (Betty Noyes) 7. Cassandra Coleman - "Go The Distance" (Michael Bolton) 8. DeShawn Goncalves - "When You Wish Upon a Star" (Cliff Edwards) 9. Willie Spence - "Circle of Life" (Elton John)
  3. There were actual decent country singers on this season! ...I think. Everyone else here hated Hannah who I liked, and Cecil was legitimately worse than Caleb, and Wyatt wasn't really country plus he withdrew so we can't blame the voters.
  4. Damnit, the voters had one job. Eight out of ten contestants I thought were amazing tonight, and one of the two who wasn't was Willie who's been amazing every night until now. As mad as I'd be if one of my favorites left, I'd take pretty much any combination of three contestants leaving gracefully as long as Caleb Kennedy was part of it!
  5. Sounds good to me. I love Deshawn, and he was great up until that unfortunate ending, but he was in my bottom three just by ratings. Caleb needs to go. Alyssa was good tonight, but she's been weak a bit
  6. Okay, yeah. I've always been a generous rater, but I feel like in previous episodes this year I've been at least a little harsher than in years past? Not tonight. Tonight I gave out 5-star ratings to the final eight contestants. We are absolutely guaranteed that someone I liked tonight will go home.
  7. Okay wow. I'm happy that Hunter decided to turn it into a ballad instead of trying to imitate the original (which Dimitri was amazing on; totally robbed getting sent home for that.). That was the best I've heard him and...possibly the best of the night? It's hard to say, though, because this night's been so stacked that "the ending that never should have been" might actually make DeShawn deserving of his trip home. Depends on how Grace does. Well, except for John Baptiste, but he's just a guest star so thankfully we're guaranteed to send him home.
  8. Cassandra's going to just keep being this under-the-radar force, isn't she? I always forget that she's one of my favorites, and she keeps wowing.
  9. Wow. Last episode we had awful contestants and great professionals. Tonight, we've had one good performance after another, and then this travesty from a pro?
  10. Okay yes he doesn't belong here, but that was impeccable.
  11. Ugh, took so long to get this started. Cape Codder tonight. Our show starts with something called a Sophia Carson singing "A Whole New World", eventually accompanied by the Top 9. Then the judges come out, and this year's Katy Perry Disney Cosplay is Tinkerbell. Tonight's mentor is John Stamos. Also, we've got the results from the comeback show, and unsurprisingly, it's Arthur Gunn. Also, new numbers! Rather than keeping them with the numbers going up to 24, tonight's performance order will be their numbers. Caleb Kennedy is singing "Real Gone" from Cars. It was probably the best that could be
  12. I agree. A lot of people hate the belting? I think that's the best part. When she's being a Whitney wannabe, she's actually pretty good. It's her performances in other genres, like when she did the Carrie Underwood song, that I've hated her.
  13. Unfortunately, that was brilliant. She went full Whitney on that ending which is perfect because she's at her best when she's channeling Whitney. The reason it's unfortunate is because whenever she gets out of that niche, she's awful. I'm dreading the idea of her still being here for Coldplay week.
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