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Favorite Voice Season With Gwen Stefani


Fav. Voice Season With Gwen Stefani   

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  1. 1. Which Season with Coach Gwen was your favorite?

    • Season 7
    • Season 9
    • Season 12
    • Season 17
    • Season 19

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Hunter and Brennley were 2 of my other favs in S12, so I have to go with that, and she did such a fantastic job with them overall. Their breakout KOs were unmatched(besides Lauren's) and consistency was very fine as well. Ignoring the Semis, they really should have gotten a finale spot.


Jeffery/Rose/Carter were other stand-outs in her other seasons though.

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I´ll do the same that I did with Kelly on her "favorite season" thread:

S7 Gwen was not a good coach at all. She was a rookie still, and apart from having the weakest team, she made bad choices all around. Even then she wasn´t the worst coach of the season though (Pharrell)


S9 Gwen still made a lot of mistakes (Eliminating Lindsay and Victor for Braiden, saving the so not ready for primetime Korin), but she had some great choices too. Her smartest move was to turn around for Jeffrey, and she took him to the finale.


Her love thing with Blake was quickly getting old on S12, but as a coach, she gained the strongest blind  team, and had two fantastic steals. She did pretty good there.


S17 was her best season as a coach for me. She did nothing wrong there, she handled Rose masterfully and their connection was great to watch. Great steal on Joanna and a good playoff save choice on Myracle.


S19 was another great season for her, from the weakest team to the winner. Great job with Carter, and Payge for that matter, even though she cut her off, you can see how postively she influenced her throughout the competition. Strategic steal used on Ben, even if IDF hated that.


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