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IDF´s favorite music genres.


IDF´s favorite music genres.  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Pop
    • Rock
    • Country
    • Blues
    • Jazz
    • R&B/Soul
    • Gospel
    • Classical
    • Hip Hop
    • Indie
    • Funk
    • Metal
    • Reggae
    • EDM

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I don´t know if this has been done before, but I wanted to know, especially since we have new members here, what are your favorite music genres, the ones you listen to the most, etc.




NOTE: Subgenres are included.

For example:

  • Rock has Glam Rock, Prog Rock, Classic Rock ,etc .
  • Indie has Indie Rock, Pop, Alternative ,etc.
  • Pop includes Pop Punk, Pop Rock, etc.
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As a whole , it´s definitely Rock/Country/Blues/Jazz for me. I love classic rock bands like Queen, Led Zep,  Mountain, AC/DC, Velvet Underground, The Beatles, etc. I love prog rock like King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake and Palmer.  I also love old school country aka Willie, Merle, Waylon, Emmylou, Vince Gill.  For blues, its BB, Albert, Freddie, SRV, Clapton, John Lee Hooker, the newer ones like John Mayer and Gary Clark Jr as well. If we´re talking jazz, it´s Sinatra, Dean Martin, Django Reinhardt, etc.

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My top 4 most listened genres are Pop, Indie Rock, Hiphop, and Indie Folk. I enjoy some Country, Punk, and R&B as well. As for the more "old-fashioned" genres like Blues, Jazz, and Classical, I tend to enjoy them when they're in front of me, like when someone sings them on the Voice, but I don't really seek them out in my own time.

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25 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

As for the more "old-fashioned" genres like Blues, Jazz, and Classical, I tend to enjoy them when they're in front of me, like when someone sings them on the Voice, but I don't really seek them out in my own time.

Yeah, same. I don't know anything about those genres except they sound nice when they're being sung in front of me lol 😅

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Indie along with Rock(Which includes Folk)

Classical I got to stan as well though.


female Country I love if its powerful and truly soulful. Artists like Lauren Duski, Amber Carrington, Taryn Papa, Keisha Renee, Marybeth Byrd, Spensha Baker, Mary Sarah, Shelby Brown(a little bit, I appreciated what she could do) Kristen Merlin. I very well got behind, while tragically most have fallen before the finale and none of them won, I enjoyed their runs as they lasted. Wait nvm, Lauren won at least(she did and you can't prove it wrong), but still, they all deserved Finale at least. 

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Pop, rock, and country are probably the three I listen to the most - the former two make up at least 80% of the not-theatre-nerd part of my Spotify library, and the latter is the genre my brother and mom both gravitate toward. I'm trying to expand more into the R&B/soul/blues realm since a lot of the artists I listen to have dabbled in at least one of those genres, but I picked R&B as my fourth because I can name more artists from that lane.


I don't mind indie, folk, or reggae either - I just don't seek much of it on my own (kind of ironic considering the most folk-leaning winner in the show's history is one of my all-time favorite contestants tone-wise, but Sawyer's an exception to the rule 😂).

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My Spotify library is a mess, but I would say my favorite genre is indie rock (Killers, Florence + the Machine, Arctic Monkeys...) followed by indie pop/folk and alternative rock. I enjoy a little bit of everything (As a whole I don’t consider myself a fan of country or rap tho).


When I watch singing shows I am less picky with the genres, and I mostly enjoy a good mix of good vocals + artistry.


Edit: I also love some of the classics (Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Queen...) but their genres vary.

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My favorite genres are:

- folk, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, Phil Ochs and many more

- indie, I could go all day long about artists / bands, listening to London Grammar's 2nd album while writing this



classic rock, quite a few songs from Queen, Led Zep, The Beatles

classic country, Willie, Waylon, and their outlaw company, Kacey in the current country landscape



My favorite contestants totally reflect my taste.

I'm a weirdo who doesn't listen to pop music :haha: Still hear a healthy amount in everyday life.

And regardless, I appreciate pop, R&B, etc. being sung on the show, at least I get to know new songs.


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I picked Metal since that was the closest thing to my favorite genre up there (Favorite is Hardcore/Punk).


Favorite bands from that genre would be: Backtrack, Have Heart, Verse, Expire, Incendiary, Trapped Under Ice, etc...


My favorite artist of all time is probably Jack Johnson though. Basically on the polar opposite of my favorite genre.


I like a little bit of everything for the most part. Only genre I can think of that I do not like is pop country (Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Maranda Lambert, etc..). My wife loves it, but it's not my thing. I do like some country artists, but most of them are old school (Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, etc..) or they would fall under the label of Americana or maybe even Bluegrass inspired country (Tyler Childers, Jason Isbell, Colter Wall, The Dead South).



Don't really watch American Idol anymore, but my favorite contestant ever was Phillip Phillips which makes sense since he sounds a lot like Dave Matthews who is one of my favorite artists as well.

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LOL i'm dumb and i thought the poll was on which genres we thought were IDF's favorite, so.... I picked indie, r&b/soul, pop, and jazz. in retrospect idk why i picked jazz LOL, it was mainly joanna that i was thinking of ig.


for me, i like pop and r&b/soul the most, i think.

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