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  1. Poor Gwen in S12: Brennley "Up to the Mountain" vs "Suds in the Bucket" Hunter "I Want To Know What Love Is" vs "With or Without You" Btw it seems like I'm the only one who loved Fallingwater It certainly wasn't an off performance.
  2. Add me too! I'm still hoping for an album.
  3. I enjoyed that too! Reminds me of tipsy karaoke nights
  4. Rose >>> Kyla, Toneisha, or Desz Tone what really makes the difference for me.
  5. Mendeleyev going home was a huge disappointment. And talking about s17, I wanted to see / hear more from Brennan. We don't even know she's what category (flopped or robbed).
  6. Tough call but this is my favorite performance from Matthew. And I agree on the second part. Is it an unpopular opinion here?
  7. Thunderstorm - Liked everything he did iirc. Blackbird and Summertime were the most memorable performances to me. Zan - Light On and Blowin' in the Wind. Cover Maggie Rogers and Bob Dylan, and I'll include you by default. Cami - Again, I liked everything she did (except The Joke). Julia - Alaska was phenomenal. Very skilled singer, but her style was the best part.
  8. They were the best coaches by far from the contestant viewpoint (imo)
  9. A true angel singing one of the best songs of all time
  10. My favorite genres are: - folk, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, Phil Ochs and many more - indie, I could go all day long about artists / bands, listening to London Grammar's 2nd album while writing this Second-tier: - classic rock, quite a few songs from Queen, Led Zep, The Beatles - classic country, Willie, Waylon, and their outlaw company, Kacey in the current country landscape My favorite contestants totally reflect my taste. I'm a weirdo who doesn't listen to pop music Still hear a healthy amount in everyd
  11. I wouldn't mind him back. I liked his arguments during the blinds, he had the fun factor (as Kelly or Blake), and his contestants delivered the most memorable performances. Only thing I couldn't bear were his false promises and ridiculous exaggerations. Also, I don't think he was burnt out after S13. He's a highly competitive person. Since none of his contestants had legit chance to reach the finale, he just didn't care. Here's some statistics. Up until S7, half of the 4-chair turners picked Adam as their coach. However, from S10, he was picked by every fifth 4-chair turners (a fai
  12. So many great songs here. It's actually pathetic that producers always play safe and limit the contestants to repeat the same "well-tried" songs, even in consecutive seasons. It bothers me almost as much as the lack of live shows.
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