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Favorite seasons of The Voice


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So, since, S19 is about to end in a few days and results are kinda predictable, I would love to know what are y'all favorite seasons of The Voice looking at it overall - maybe let's share our Top 3's, Top 5's, whatever you want! 

Snowflakes, insane BA's, deserved winners - whatever u loved. I will share mine later on. 

(We all know S13 is gonna lead there...😆)

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i didn’t watch S1 or S2, and watched casually from S3-S6. i began following most attentively from S11 and on, when i discovered idolforums, so i’m biased towards the modern seasons.


my top 3: 
1. S17- i’m biased towards this season because i loved so many people! Rose is one of my all-time favs, and i love Katie, Myracle, and Khalea (and Hello Sunday🤫) Rose made this season so special for me, as week after week she just kept on delivering, won an IS, and made finale!
2. S13- one of my all-time favs with Janice👑, many other queens with Keisha, Brooke, Chloe, Addison! many awesome and iconic performances throughout. absolutely loved this season!

3. S14- this season is very special to me as it was the first season in which my fav made it to finale (Kyla). i had so much fun watching her dominate week after week! i enjoyed many others too (Sharane, Christiana, Kelsea, Spensha, Tish). Even the people I didn’t love I enjoyed. Ranking S14 so high is probably a very unpopular opinion, but i just loved seeing Kyla make finale it made up for some of the weaker parts😂

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Seasons 4-8 (excluding S6), S10 and S13, with my favorite being 5 by far.


I haven’t enjoyed the later seasons as much, but I did like S17 and S18.

Didn’t watch S1-S3, but I probably would have enjoyed S3.

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1. S17- Brings a lot of good memories for me, I loved quite a few contestants, we got a deserving F4, all around great vibes and lots of fun for me. 


2. S13- Lots of great talent, a very strong T3 and a deserving winner.


3. S5- Stacked season, probably the most for a voice season ever, but I´m ranking it third mainly because I did kinda have a bit of a hard time getting into a few of them. Tessanne was my favorite from the get go though.


S8, S10 and after that. I enjoyed S18 as well, but in full honestly, I really can´t consider it  a full season due to the lack of actual live performances.

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1. Season 13: nothing will ever compare. I liked every single person in the top 12 and honestly most people in the t48, t24, etc. We had Addison, Brooke, Noah, Chloe, Janice, Keisha, etc.


2. Season 10: this was probably the most excited about a season I have been. My snowflake was never a front runner and very often didn’t make it to even the semifinals so having Alisan there made the season and I also liked basically everyone in the t24. We also had Owen, Hannah, Shalyah, Bryan, Mary Sarah, etc.


3. Season 17: this may be unpopular but I loved this season. I liked everyone in the top 13 (except Shane Q who I wish was swapped with Kyndal). I loved Max, Will, Rose, Marybeth, Joana and liked everyone else (Katie, Myracle, HS, Ricky, Cali, Kat)


4. Season 9: I loved a lot of people this season, including Ellie, Madi, Emily Ann, Zach, Jeffery, Amy and we first got the bloodbath here which was an exciting twist. I liked everyone in the t9 except braiden so I knew I was going to be upset losing 4 people I liked.


HM: Season 7 (loved Danica, Matt, Bryana, Anita, TJW, Chris)

Season 14 (finale with Brynn/Britton/Kyla/Spensha was my favorite finale closely followed by s17 and we also had Jackie and Christiana)

Season 19 (I’ve really enjoyed this season but since it got cut down by about a month, I haven’t been able to enjoy it as much as I know I would have)

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1. Season 13 - My favorite season by far because of a very strong Live Show group of artists. I also loved that the Playoffs this season was not live because that's the round I hate the most every season. Chloe was my absolute favorite of the whole cast. Honorable mention to Addison, Brooke, Noah, Keisha, and Janice.


2. Season 18 - Probably unpopular but I loved the Remote Live Show cast this season. I think this is the best group of live show artists we've ever had since Season 13. There's Todd, Joanna, Toneisha, Thunderstorm, Allegra and Zan as my favorites this season.


3. Season 5 - For the earlier season, this might be one of the strongest. I hate it when it only had 3 finalists. But Tessanne, Jacquie and Will including Matthew Schuler were great this season.


4. Season 17 - I love that we didn't have a teenager finalist this season because all of them deserve to be in the finale. I was rooting for Ricky or Rose to win though and Jake at 4th place. But oh well, Minivan loves Jake.


5. Season 12 - This batch of artists are also good especially Lauren. Chris was good but I'm just not fan of him. Brennley stood out with her Long Long Time performance until Suds in the Bucket, lol. Hunter was also a breath of fresh air and should have advanced to the finale instead of Jesse.

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