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  1. Dang, I really thought for a moment that Holly is singing Superstar by Jamelia But how iconic would it be tho!
  2. Okay, but Blake saying that HE picked these songs is pretty amusing, like come on, I could easily believe Kelly, Ari or John could seriously look for the ones. But Blake? No damn way.
  3. Dang, what a good battle! Kinsey is definitely well-deserved save and triple steal.
  4. I see that only Kelly and John posted this tweet about announcement thing - imagine that tomorrow they will tell us about S22 squad without Blake and Ari, that would be massive
  5. Dang, that was spectacular. Tho, it was a bit slower than her cover on YT channel. Still slaps!
  6. I mean, Kristin's speaking voice is higher and that would be pretty tough to cover up, so I'm not that sure of that guess
  7. Though, the very first thought when I heard Ari's advisor was Lady Gaga, that would be iconic!
  8. So, the most likely it's: Ariana - Miley Cyrus John - Camilla Cabello Kelly - Jason Aldean Blake - Toby Keith
  9. OMGGGG, after just three episodes, this season's talent is way better than last S19&20 combined in USA Insane level!
  10. She's got 2 children y'all..... IT MUST BE HER And she's insane!
  11. Daaaaaang, Bella is so GOOOOOD! That cover of Damaged was spot on and she sounds really Ariana alike there! There's still a lot of people from teamAri we don't know, but I wouldn't be shocked if she went for the pop route and won the season.
  12. Lmao, ur right, still thank u for that If Kelly got mad, she could be the one who blocked John probably.
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