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  1. Season 17's format is the perfect one for me - 12 per team, 5 per team in Play-Offs, then 13-11-10-8-4.
  2. DeSz - I Have Nothing - omgggg, I would give my kidney to see this performance Cami Clune - The Joke - if sang emotionally, since I would give DeSz PV, she would win the Instant Save imo Carter Rubin - Impossible - emotional and very suiting, but I guess that he's got this season in his hands without even singing anything strong Ben Allen - God's Country - I have some kind of gut feeling he is gonna be bussed, but u know, this song helped Rose achieve the finale in S17, so I guess it might help him John Holiday - Summertime - it fills the lane he has been occu
  3. Actually, I would not be shocked if Tamara and Jim got through - imagine Blake giving him some Christian song and a pimp spot, it is a winner vibe then. And the way Ian has become a front runner on Blake's team is literally the most surprising thing which happened this season! Everything could happen here imo. It is comes to John's team, it all depends on performances next week, if Tamara got some gospel song, it would be over, lmao - I feel like John H does not show anything new and exciting, he is just overusing his higher tone, he needs some strong song to showcase it all and make som
  4. DeSz and Carter seem to be locks for the finale, but I am kinda positive that both Ben and Cami would be a huge threats in Instant Save.
  5. So basically the format stays the same as in S18, with Top 5? Apparently I absolutely preferred Top 3 + IS format, it was way more entertaining - imagine IDF meltdown when Top 3 would be Ian, Ben and Jim, lmao
  6. I remember that Kennedy Holmes (S15) had been almost certain to be a winner even before her audition aired, lol. I am still mad she didn't win, Jhud kinda bussed her with song choices.
  7. DeSz singing Wish I Didn't Miss You by Angie Stone, y'all, it could be a ticket to the finale!
  8. Payge singing I'll Take Care of You - it would be insane!
  9. 1. DeSz 2. Tamara Jade 3. John Holiday 4. Ryan Gallagher 5. Kelsie Watts 6. Jim Ranger 7. Eli Zamora 8. Cami Clune 9. Marisa Corvo 10. Worth The Wait
  10. So, Adam left right before S17, where the panel was supposed to stay the same as in S16. How do you think the panels for S18, S19, S20 would look like if Adam had stayed? Because Adam, Kelly, John and Blake for four season in row would be kinda tiring. What do you think?
  11. So, could you share us at least some enigmatic info? How’s the atmosphere between coaches, is the talent exceptionally insane and how are they dressed this time?
  12. So, what is the chair order, the same like in S18?
  13. Oh maaaan, it's actually pretty underwhelming...
  14. Via her instastory Alicia might be on, she’s in LA.
  15. I just have a feeling we will see the same panel like in S18, Kelly, Nick, John and Blake..
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