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  1. Yeah, it happened last season during the Play-offs (their version of Knockouts). She dumped two people and then was given a right to save another person from diffrent pairing. But, TVAU is full of disrespecting the rules, so who cares
  2. He’s GOOD! There is no way John is not taking him straight to the finale.
  3. Can't wait to see him letting Dana go to Blake or Kelly!
  4. Y’all spill some tea already It’s almost 2am in my country and im up just to get to know some spoilers!!!! (If Gihanna is eliminated, I swear to God..)
  5. Natan's BA is one of the best ones I have ever seen. He sang this with so many emotions, even though he barely showed anything. Insane!
  6. Me coming here to this thread after a few days is like: LMAO, what is happening?
  7. SandyRedd from S15 is probably the best example of and insane Blind and then a flop. Her elimination in Top 13 still is really unreasonable for me.
  8. About the advisors - since, it's season 20, I would love to see some previous coaches as advisors: Kelly - Jennifer Hudson Nick - Adam Levine John - Alicia Keys Blake - Miley Cyrus I know it's pretty unreal, but what do y'all think and who would u like to see?
  9. Omggg, do y'all remember how during his play-offs performance of "Don't Speak", he handled the situation with mic dropping while performing? That was so damn good!
  10. Though, this performance is pretty messy, I absolutely liked it - from her knockout Brynn owned this season, lmao.
  11. Can y'all think of contestants whose blinds were absolutely incredible and were pronounced favorites, but then flopped or got robbed? For me it's obviously James David Carter from S7, his blind is amazing, but he got eliminated in play-offs. Also, Mike Jerel in S18 set the roof on fire with his blind, but then got dumped in play-offs. And robbed queen Brennan Lassiter from S17 - her elimination in battles and shortage still hurts to this date. How about u?
  12. Lmao, watch how this is the second season with Nick, without a 3-chair turn, where he doesn't turn
  13. So, this season, there is no AA woman with 4-chair turn? If I understood well, 4-chair turns this season consist of two country dudes and two woman, one country and the other one indie pop?
  14. Imagine NBC announces a start of The Voice Kids and you would have a chance to pick 4 coaches to participate in it - who would it be? If it comes to me - Kelly Clarkson, Joe&Nick Jonas, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton&Gwen Stefani. Two duets like in 10th season of The Voice of Germany. Basically, it would be perfect, every genre would be included, but I would also love to see Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Charlie Puth.
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