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  1. Some of y'all suggestions were that good, that it was impossible not to include them, lmao. S20 is such a dang good season, that I could think of a song for almost every contestant, seeing them slay some of these would be iconic. KELLY: Corey Ward - Train Wreck (James Arthur) Gihanna Zoë - If I Were A Boy (Beyonce) Kenzie Wheeler - What Hurts The Most (Rascal Flatts) Savanna Woods - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) Zae Romeo - Creep (Radiohead) JOHN: Carolina Rial - Fighter (Christina Aguilera) Pia Renee - Milion Reasons (Lady Gaga)
  2. Okaaaaay, so some tea is about to be spilled! I've been watching actively since S10, so from then I will be judging. And apparently, most of these are the ones I am coming back to the most often, so that was the main factor in picking. S10: Hannah Huston - Every Breath You Take - still have chills listening to it. S11: Ali Caldwell - No Ordinary Love - come on, that was iconic in every single way, though competition of Lauren then was really tough S12: Lauren Duski - You Were Meant For Me - even though I wanted Chris to win, she absolutely nailed it and kept being insane
  3. Kelly’s win of S20 is more certain than anything, so it would attract some people ofc.
  4. LMAO, it was unexpected in so many ways! I wish John was replaced, but still that’s dope that Ariana is joining. But if actually JHud replaced him... Damn, that would be the most insane panel ever. Also, she is the first new female coach since S14!
  5. LMAOOOO, I just rewatched her BA and almost died of laughter, cause I have never paid attention to it.
  6. Yeah, it happened last season during the Play-offs (their version of Knockouts). She dumped two people and then was given a right to save another person from diffrent pairing. But, TVAU is full of disrespecting the rules, so who cares
  7. He’s GOOD! There is no way John is not taking him straight to the finale.
  8. Can't wait to see him letting Dana go to Blake or Kelly!
  9. Y’all spill some tea already It’s almost 2am in my country and im up just to get to know some spoilers!!!! (If Gihanna is eliminated, I swear to God..)
  10. Natan's BA is one of the best ones I have ever seen. He sang this with so many emotions, even though he barely showed anything. Insane!
  11. Me coming here to this thread after a few days is like: LMAO, what is happening?
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