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  1. Okay, but Blake saying that HE picked these songs is pretty amusing, like come on, I could easily believe Kelly, Ari or John could seriously look for the ones. But Blake? No damn way.
  2. Dang, what a good battle! Kinsey is definitely well-deserved save and triple steal.
  3. I see that only Kelly and John posted this tweet about announcement thing - imagine that tomorrow they will tell us about S22 squad without Blake and Ari, that would be massive
  4. Dang, that was spectacular. Tho, it was a bit slower than her cover on YT channel. Still slaps!
  5. I mean, Kristin's speaking voice is higher and that would be pretty tough to cover up, so I'm not that sure of that guess
  6. Though, the very first thought when I heard Ari's advisor was Lady Gaga, that would be iconic!
  7. So, the most likely it's: Ariana - Miley Cyrus John - Camilla Cabello Kelly - Jason Aldean Blake - Toby Keith
  8. OMGGGG, after just three episodes, this season's talent is way better than last S19&20 combined in USA Insane level!
  9. She's got 2 children y'all..... IT MUST BE HER And she's insane!
  10. Daaaaaang, Bella is so GOOOOOD! That cover of Damaged was spot on and she sounds really Ariana alike there! There's still a lot of people from teamAri we don't know, but I wouldn't be shocked if she went for the pop route and won the season.
  11. Lmao, ur right, still thank u for that If Kelly got mad, she could be the one who blocked John probably.
  12. @Someone648 is some background info (like the chemistry between coaches, what they were wearing, some comments about performances, y'all know what I mean) gonna be posted anytime soon?:)
  13. I love her, fully respect her, but tbh, I can't see it. She's not that big, popular and well-known for her music and impact as John, Alicia or Jennifer. If they brought Ariana to the show, I feel like that's gonna be the lane coaches hunting is gonna take. Sorry y'all, but that's a fact.
  14. With John, I think that TPTB would probably like to have some other R&B coach on board, but neither any of the previous ones (Alicia, JHUD, Usher) nor potential ones are not available or simply don't want to come back. That's why they are a bit stuck with him to my mind, his chemistry with Blake and Kelly also is very cool, but oh God, he should just leave. He was amazing on S16&17, but then he became even more boring than he already is and apparently there's no way his contestants could have any chances right now. But when it comes to an African-American coach, a choice is pretty limited. Instead of the ones who have already been there, there is not a lot of options of people, who are experienced enough, are popular and well-known by the public, and what is actually the most important - could apparently even think about joining the show. Rihanna, Beyonce or The Weeknd are unrealistic as hell, but the only one who might be possible is Kelly Rowland, I can't see anyone else.
  15. CeeLo and Christina were not on S4, so that would be 4 seasons. But, if we count S8, then Christina with 5 seasons remains the second.
  16. It's also the second season with Nick in a squad and for the second time Blake won, lmao! So, if trust the pattern, next time Nick comes back, we know who's gonna win AND, four last winners turned different amount of chairs - Jake, Carter, Cam and Todd, respectively 1, 2, 3 and 4!
  17. Think 1. Kenzie 2. Cam 3. Jordan 4. Rachel 5. Victor Want 1. Cam 2. Victor 3. Kenzie 4. Rachel 5. Jordan Y'all get ready for the meltdown, cause Kenzie is on a right lane to win this thing
  18. I'd love to! I fully support Cam and want him to win, but guys, let's get realistic - The Voice viewers are minivan and Kenzie got a consistent support throughout whole season. Even though Jordan is still here, he is not as country as Kenzie and I'm not really seeing their votes split up, more possible is votes for Victor and Cam be cut in half. Unfortunately in this show, when it comes to country vs. R&B, the most often it would be the first one. But, oh damn, how much would I like to be not right about that!
  19. Come on Cam, avenge Willie with Stand Up! TBTB wants Cam to win so badly, lmao. But anyway, I can't see any other scenario than 1. Kenzie 2. Cam 3. Jordan 4. Rachel 5. Victor. Seriously, I would be pretty shocked if it went in any other way.
  20. Oh well.. There's no way that next week it would go in any other way than: 1. Kenzie 2. Cam 3. Jordan 4. Rachel 5. Victor. Like, any damn chance, sorry y'all. Party is over!
  21. Oh no, I'm getting pretty similar vibe to S19 semifinals IS, y'all know what i mean
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