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Rank the Top 9´s auditions


Rank the Top 9´s auditions  

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  1. 1. Who had the best audition of the Top 9 (Note: Just take in account the audition, no other performances)

    • Desz- "Unbreak My Heart"
    • Cami Clune -"Skinny Love"
    • Carter Rubin- "Before You Go"
    • Ben Allen- "Red Dirt Road"
    • Ian Flanigan- "Colder Weather"
    • Jim Ranger- "Blue Ain´t Your Color"
    • John Holiday- "Misty"
    • Tamara Jade- " Cause I Love You"
    • Bailey Rae- "Does My Ring Burn your Finger"

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1. Cami

2. DeSz


3. Tamara

4. Ben

5. Jim

6. John


7. Ian

8. Bailey 

9. Carter


Honestly, I liked all of these BAs (I'd say I only actively disliked four of ALL of the BAs this season).

Carter is at the bottom here because his voice sounded less mature there, but it sounds so much more mature and refined in the lives, and in his KO.

Bailey's BA didn't leave much of an impression for me, but I really like her tone now, so she's also improved a ton in my eyes.

- I placed a lot of the country guys above Ian - Jim because of his power and Ben because of his tone - but I LOVE the texture of Ian's voice. I loved his PO performance especially, because of the song choice.

- John's tone was kind of grating to me in his BA.

- Jim's audition was really good, especially since I had low expectation of him, having not liked any country or country-adjacent singer in the recent seasons other than Rod. His power was incredible! I felt let down in the POs.

- Ben's tone was really nice IMO, but upon relistening, I felt that I ranked him way too high in my original rankings. I decided not to change his placement because I felt that I would have to relisten and rerank the rest if I did, so I left it be.

- Tamara's BA was good (but actually still my 13th/40), but not amazing to me, just because of the clear breath control issues that held her back. Her playoff performance of Crazy was incredible though and she didn't seem to have as much or any breathing issues in that performance.

- DeSz's BA is in my top 3 of the season. It was so smooth, her lower register is AMAZING, and her runs appeared effortless.

Cami has my favorite BA of the season. I thought the song choice was perfect for her, and her voice just sounds angelic to me.

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I really think Cami should get the PV for Team Kelly bc I think DeSz has a much better shot at winning the Instant Save tmrw, based on how Toneisha won the Instant Save last season. So make sure u guys VOTE FOR CAMI tonight for Team Kelly so that DeSz can annihilate the Instant Save tmrw with her phenomenal vocals!!! 🤩

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