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Desz Fan Thread


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Hey Guys! Desz  is very much like Toneisha, meaning she knows when to showcase her big powerful vocals and she knows when to be intimate and versatile. 





                                     FAN LIST

1. xxxthevoicexxx


3. Jamescasaki



6. David68

7. B-B

8. Realityshownerd

9. CaptainOggy6320

10. BK1234

11. AmyNicole

12. CaptainOggy6320

13. Jyn Mycle

14. Ottoship

15. Moonlighty

16. Hamza Tufail

1Mathew Plaermo,

18. Daillon,


20. TheKingWhoCared

21. AnonymousKid_35

22. Deszfan88

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