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  1. My source told me that Tamaras KO was amazing and perfect. They also said her KO was better than Desz’ KO and they said it was better than Tamaras BA. they said it was her best performance so far and that it’s a great comeback from her Battle . ok bye!
  2. I was there too. Very strong powerful voice. Can’t wait to see what she does next.
  3. Does anyone who was in Desz taping, was she great but not outstanding or was she outstanding and perfect.Is she better than Tamara?
  4. Yess I saw her live too!! And I knew that was the hotel! She is going to do so good next season.
  5. She gives me so much Toneisha vibes. But I’ve heard her get really big when she’s belting on other covers. What dyou guys think of Desz
  6. @Someone648 lol I really don’t mean this in a rude way but can you give us a day for when the list and spoilers are gonna drop? So we don’t have to keep coming everyday Expecting a list and asking you when It’s gonna be released. ps. Then again I don’t mean this in any way. I come respectfully
  7. Liam St John was supposed to be on season 18? He reminds me of Thunderstorm but with a stronger and sharper voice
  8. Hello! In new to the forum. Super excited about season 19. When can we get the first blind spoiler or the first set of spoilers I’m soooo ready!
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