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  1. Anybody else think Dana might have the same journey as Janice? 2 chairs. Unexpected Coach?
  2. She was definitely at the hotel and was set for S20. But I think something happened and they sent her home before they shot the blinds.
  3. I’m kinda shocked idf doesn’t like Dana that much. Or are you waiting to hear her first? Lol her covers are amazing. Or does she nod stick out to you? Or is she not as good as past contestants?
  4. I know one who will be pimped is an AA male. Pop/Rnb. He has a unique tone and voice. @Bk1234 can give who he thinks the other one is that will be pimped
  5. hello!! I don’t really talk on here. Just wondering if there’s atleast 1 AA powerhouse this season for me to like. I’m fans of Kyla, Kymberli, toneisha, rose, Desz etc. so I just wanna know if there is anyone like that for S20
  6. Lol did I miss something? Who said anything bad about Carter? All I said was what the people on YouTube were saying. And I never gave my opinion about it. I jus said that Idk how to feel about them talking about it being that he is only a teenager who hasn’t addressed it even if he was.
  7. I’ve been seeing a ton of comments on YouTube about Carter’s sexuality and how he’s gay. And idk how to feel about that because even if he is, he hasn’t came out publicly and said it
  8. My source told me that Tamaras KO was amazing and perfect. They also said her KO was better than Desz’ KO and they said it was better than Tamaras BA. they said it was her best performance so far and that it’s a great comeback from her Battle . ok bye!
  9. I was there too. Very strong powerful voice. Can’t wait to see what she does next.
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