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Survivor: Island of the Idols - Version 2.0


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Ugh disappointed with Dean turning on Kellee. :ermm: But really am much more disappointed in Kellee not using an Idol to save herself. :| :| :|


Technically 29 since Idols didn’t come until the eleventh season, Wally. :bleh:


But I agree otherwise. :|

Oops. Thanks for that correction.


Not sure lying is gonna be the reason he gets fired from his job :haha:

Oooh lol yeahh. i'm sure he'd rather lying be the reason than what's actually going on tonight.

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James Clement thanks you Kellee.



Ugh Hate that she's gonna be remembered like this more now. :ermm:


This is the darkest timeline.


(But missy did that

She better go all the way now. :'(


Me seeing Dean and Tommy vote out Kellee after ranking them first and second all season:

IPB Image

:dead: :roll:

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it was a smart move though she makes the finale she prob wins.

Yeah it was super smart of them to vote out Kellee, as she played an incredible game up to before her elimination.


Yikess.... this episode is majorly intense. And making Missy & Elizabeth look terrible. But gahh this is just..... I don't know what to say. :|

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Missy, Lauren, Elaine, Elizabeth can literally f**k right on off, they should be literally ashamed of themselves


Dean can f**k off too, Kellee literally is the reason you're here rn????

Ugh it's all soooo disappointing. :closedeyes: I think Elizabeth and Missy are more at fault as they used this for gameplay.


Rightt? I get that he would have to turn on her eventually as she was totally gonna win but not right now. :dead:


Ugh and I bet Dan is gonna last forever in this game and be the goat or something. :|

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This episode did not go how I thought it would in regards to Dan's behavior. Now Elizabeth just says they were joking? :ermm:

Ugh right? It's all so terrible with her.... and got my definite 2nd least fave payer this episode. :ermm:

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I can’t even be happy about Dean’s airtime because I’m still cancelling everyone who voted out Kellee.

And whatever that thing Jamal gave to Dean was clearly not a good thing and puts a target on him. :haha:


But i guess it's fair since he stupidly turned on Kellee this soon. :ermm:

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