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  1. This was fun thank you for hosting! Great end ranking too
  2. Disgusting. Removing Jamar for saying that was the wrong decision for sure. Minh Ly leaving on top of that would be horrendous Rooting for Maddy and Minh only now
  3. I brought angelina back and she made it all the way
  4. Megan and Cheyne are incredible ugh. Such a dominant team while being likable and rootable at the same time.
  5. BOPPER AND MARK I love them so much, such pure souls. Great spot for them, happy they made it this far!
  6. Sandra Diaz-Twine Well I just cut Parvati the last round so it cant be poetic justice if I dont cut Sandra, can it? Sandra Diaz-Twine, the self-dubbed queen of Survivor has won this series 2 times --- Pearl Islands and Heroes vs. Villains and played a total of 4 --- the other 2 being Game Changers and her current showing on Winners at Wars. She doesnt get her title without reason. She is an extremely dominant strategic player. She is one of the weakest players physically, but that just goes to show that Survivor isnt a purely physical game, it's a mental one. Sandra is a legen
  7. PARVATI SHALLOW Parvati Shallow is a Survivor legend, hands down. She competed on Cook Islands, Micronesia, Heroes vs Villians, and is currently competing on Winners at War. She won Micronesia and got 2nd place to Sandra in Heroes vs Villains which I believe she deserved to win for sure. She is a Survivor player that any fan would know and have some sort of opinion on. She is known for her flirting, villain-like personality, and strategic dominance. Currently, she's on the all winner's season and is doing really well. She is still in the game but not in the best position so I
  8. JAMES AND JAYMES James and Jaymes who are also known as the infamous Chippendales were a team on the amazing race season 21. She won two legs overall, and ended up placing 2nd at the end of the season. their average placement was 3.58 which is good. They were a funny team overall and dominant physically. I wasnt particularly a fan of theirs but there isnt anything glaringly bad about them. In the final leg of the race, they had a few setbacks which led them to lose. They both playes this game so they could help their parents which is really cute.
  9. save hayley and blair cut jaymes2
  10. COURTNEY YATES Courtney Yates is a two time Survivor player from China and Heroes vs Villains. She was runner up in China. She lost against Todd. She placed higher than Amanda since she got two jury votes from Denise and James while Amanda only got Erik's. In Heroes vs Villains, Courtney returned as a villain and ended up placing 11th and being the final premerge boot after the villains lost the challenge because the other villains feared for her connections with the heroes tribe, primarily Amanda as they were on China together. Courtney is a fun player to watch play but I was n
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