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  1. Ami Cusack Ami Rae Cusack is a two time Survivor player and was a contestant from both Survivor: Vanuatu and Survivor: Micronesia. She placed 6th and 11th respectively. In Vanuatu, Ami led an all women's alliance was able to delete 3 of the 4 remaining men in the game. The last man remaining, Chris saw an opening for himself and was able to infiltrate himself and ended up winning the season over Twila. The top 7 being 6 women and 1 man and the man winning is a perfect embodiment of Survivor as a whole tbh. She returned in Fans vs Favorites as a Favorite and was in the minority initially. A swap saved her for some time but eventually, she finished the game in 11th place.
  2. lily's noms are awful -- on brand for her
  3. @Alex95. Helen Glover is still under Thailand as in
  4. im confused who do i nominate- and why do i have to nominate with lily-
  5. Hayden & Aaron I- I cut them thinking they were an all male team WE but turns out Hayden is a unisex name and she's ACTUALLY a girl. WHO KNEW!!!! Anywho~~~ Hayden Kristianson and Aaron Crumbaugh are a team of Dating Actors on The Amazing Race 6. Actors ---- I had to laugh, I aint seen them in nothin. More like wannabe actors. Aaron Crumbagh EYE -- this guy looks familiar. Where do i know him from?? Food Network Star I- So the wannabe actor is now a wannabe chef. How CUTE. Anyways. They were the 2nd best team for most of the season but had a lot of bad transportation and ended up in 4th place. They were the firsts to start the cheesy string on on-show proposals,,, i had to vomit.
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