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Survivor: Island of the Idols - Version 2.0


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tommy's trash - he didn't need an idol/immunity, because he had lauren who did most of the work



Jason did an AMA on r*ddit so something interesting in the Lauren vs. Tommy debate is that Tommy had no control on the original Vokai. Jason credits Lauren & Kellee with the Molly blindside and said that Tommy was pretty much in with the Molly/Jamal/Jack alliance and was the last one to find out about the Molly vote. Tommy's social game wiggled his way into the majority though and they swapped Noura for Tommy for their six-person alliance. He also speculates that Lauren would've won if the final three was the two of them and Noura.

That explains why the Tommy/Lauren storyline came out of nowhere then. :dead:

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Aaron & Missy did interviews with Brice from Cagayan and both said Lauren was winning against Tommy. Aaron says Tommy was completely Lauren's right hand man and she controlled the alliance and not vice versa. Interesting that there's so many perspective. If I had to guess:

Tommy's votes - Dean, Janet, Elaine?

Lauren's votes - Karishma?, Elizabeth, Missy, Aaron, Jamal, Kellee?, Jack?

I feel confident about only like half of those. I think if there was a tie, Noura would go for Lauren too considering she viewed her as the biggest threat, so Tommy would need all of Karishma, Kellee, and Jack imo.

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