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Survivor: Island of the Idols - Version 2.0


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kellee queeeeeeen of feminism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This may be a spoiler but there is allegedly some sort of sexual harassment/possible assault in tonight’s episode so I want to put a trigger warning for anyone who may be affected by it.

they had a warning beforehand as well <3

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Karishma's had like 5 new beginnings in the game :wub:



ew dan wtf

Right? :ermm:


If we can find a way to get Dan out tonight that would be fantastic.

That works for me. He's quite disgusting and I like everyone else much more than him. :haha:


Kellee's rant regarding Dan. :'( This is so sad and heartbreaking to watch. These women don't deserve that treatment from Dan. :ermm:


Ugh Tommy wanting Kellee out. :ermm: I can get it as she's a huge threat but still don't like that idea at all.


Janet consoling Kellee.

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