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Survivor: Island of the Idols - Version 2.0


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UGH noo.... whyy Kellee vs. Missy now? :'( Kellee coming for Missy is not what I want. :ermm:


And woww this episode is sooo deep and intense. :shiver:


The discourse online of that Elizabeth & Missy scene is gonna be MESSY I'm legit just staying off the internet.



This is f*cking dark man!

Gah it really is.

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I feel like Jeff jinxed Karishma when he said she had 3 balls elft. Then she quickly lost those 3. :dead:


Whoa WTH happened to Tommy? I turned away and just saw him drop out so suddenly. :dead:


omggg plese pull through Missy. :'(


UGH NVM. :'(

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