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DWTS28 Week 9 Discussion Thread


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Ally getting Spice Girls Samba. :wub:


Carrie Ann's probably going to go cry on The Talk tomorrow that S**n made the semi-finals despite her being afraid to give him critiques.

Right. :rolleyes:


I think i predictied her getting a 30 with the salsa, that didn't age well. :dead:

I predicted that too. :ph34r:

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I am not understanding why she is giving ten's for literally everything she is doing despite it not being warranted :unsure: it's frustrating.

They gotta do something to keep her out of the B2 :wub:. She could've fallen three times and been out of time for half the dance and I would support the perfect score :wub:

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Ally done slayed that Samba! :wub: Great technique, footwork and hip action.... and she deleivered a really solid and super fun Samba! :bobo:


omggg love that oey was wanting and expecting a Samba roll.


Now I never compare Ally to Normani but I am reminded how we were robbed of Normani getting a Samba. :'( :broken:

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I am so sorry but James >> everyone else so far tonight and even he wasn't amazing.
Considering it took eight weeks for a solid show (sans Sean), I’m not surprised that making them do two routines suddenly results in a return to mediocrity.
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