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DWTS28 Week 9 Discussion Thread


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Week 9 Review


James & Emma (Jive) - James was on fire in this. I was worried about he dancing the jive cause I thought he may had a hard time but he proved me wrong and I believe he was amazing. Score: 9.5/10


Sean & Jenna (Argentine tango) - A great song wasted! But again all songs have been wasted on him. Score: 1.5/10


Hannah & Alan (Salsa) - I love how much content was on the routine and Hannah was killing it. If it wasn't for one weird sequence I would have given her a perfect score. Score: 9/10


Ally & Sasha (Samba) - I think this could have been better if choreography was a bit better, it also seemed to me think like a little slow on some parts. Score: 9/10


Lauren & Gleb (Quickstep) - I needed this Quickstep to be quicker. Also I don't think there was enough Quickstep content in it. Score: 7/10


Kel & Witney (Paso Doble) - Another fantastic choreographed routine by Queen Witney. It was fun and creative and Kel did pretty good. Score: 9/10


James & Emma (Jazz) - A little bit corny for my taste but James did great as usual, however not one of my favorites from him. Score: 9/10


Hannah & Alan (Tango) - Slay! Two weeks in a row that she has knocked it out of the park. Pretty flawless. Score: 10/10


Sean & Jenna (Foxtrot) - Jenna was beautiful. That's all I can say. Score: 2/10


Lauren & Gleb (Rumba) - Her best routine so far I believe, having said that she's just not on the same level as the other four. Score: 8/10


Kel & Witney (Viennese waltz) - Wow! I wasn't expecting that at all. Kel was nearly the whole routine on hold and just floating on the stage with Witney. It was his best routine so far in the competition. Score: 9.5/10


Ally & Sasha (Jazz) - And just like Hannah, she has knocked it out of the park two weeks in a row two. This routine was so fun and everything that I can ask for a jazz on this show. Score: 10/10



Routine's ranking:


Super hard to rank the routines this week so I'm just gonna give a lot of ties


1. Hannah (Argentine tango) - 10

1. Ally (Jazz) - 10

3. James (Jive) - 9.5

3. Kel (Viennese waltz) - 9.5

5. Hannah (Salsa) - 9

5. Kel (Paso doble) - 9

5. James (Jazz) - 9

5. Ally (Samba) - 9

9. Lauren (Rumba) - 8

10. Lauren (Quickstep) - 7

11. Sean (Foxtrot) - 2

12. Sean (Argentine tango) - 1.5







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My thoughts for this week:

James was a little underwhelming this week. That's depressing.

Hannah was underscored her first dance. I still feel absolutely no connection to her. She's like Ginger. Dances well enough, but since I didn't know her from before: nothing

Ally: barely remember her first dance, but the jazz was great.

Kel: hated his paso. Some men confuse tension with intensity. Really enjoyed his 2nd dance though.

Lauren: she's fine. She certainly exists.

Sean: I'm just happy I won't be seeing him for a few weeks.


Since we all can't unite with hating Sean, the fan wars will be awful next week.

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My thoughts since I didn't get to watch live with you all last night:


Clearly they were scrambling to fit in 12 dances with these routines being noticeably shorter than previous weeks. :dead:


-James & Emma Jive: Very fun! A great way to start the show, and he did a really good job with it but one of my lesser favorites from him I think.

-S**n & Jenna Argetine Tango: It was AWFUL, but of course the judges cop out and give him the "A for effort!" scores. :rolleyes: There's no way this should be getting 7's when they're giving 8's to Hannah and James. :wacko:

-Hannah & Alan Salsa: Ah yes, they're back to nitpicking her to death, so they must not be worried about her where votes are concerned. This was a very good Salsa. Like I said, if they're giving her 8's for this, S**n shouldn't be getting 7's for his usual trash.

-Ally & Sasha Samba: Thank goodness she got Wannabe after they wasted the other Spice Girls song on HIM earlier in the season. Very fun and danced fantastically.

-Lauren & Gleb Quickstep: A classic go-to song for Quicksteps on this show. It was good, but one of the weaker dances of the night.

-Kel & Witney Paso Doble: TBH I'm sick of "Free Your Mind" Pasos and no one will ever top Mel B's iconic one IMO, but Kel did a great job with this.

-James & Emma Jazz: Another very fun dance from him. I think the 8 from Len was unnecessary, though.

-Hannah & Alan Tango: SLAY. :omg: Easily my favorite routine of the season thus far. This was perfection and should've gotten a 40, but of course Len found something in a fantastic dance to nitpick for the 2nd week running with her.

-S**n & Jenna Foxtrot: At least they didn't give him 7's. #LowStandards

-Lauren & Gleb Rumba: Her best dance yet, but I feel she'll be the noticeable weak link now that S**n is gone.

-Kel & Witney Viennese Waltz: Such a gorgeous and stunning routine. Kel really has had that Kelly Monaco growth arc that was mentioned before. A well-deserved perfect 40.

-Ally & Sasha Jazz: SO MUCH FUN. Another deserved perfect score. Ally really has had that underdog arc that we were all hoping she would have. I do fear she might fall into the bottom 2 next week though, so let's hope for the best with her.


SO GLAD that he's FINALLY gone. Had he survived that point spread we saw between him and the others, with him having 50 points and the others all having 70+ points, I would've been seriously concerned that he was finale bound. Luckily, we got an end to all this madness and ended up with a great Top 5.

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