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DWTS28 Week 9 Discussion Thread


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After that round Ally just took the lead from James for highest average of the season.


IPB Image



First round rankings on first watch:


1. Ally & Sasha - Samba

2. James & Emma - Jive

3. Kel & Witney - Paso Doble

4. Lauren & Gleb - Quickstep

5. Hannah & Alan - Salsa

6. Jenna - Argentine Tango


Torn between 2-3 though and interchangeable on first watch.

Those would be my rankings too. I might give Kel the edge though. Gotta rewatch to see.


Umm why wasn't I invited to nights on the town with James, Justin, and Lance :) :) :)



Let's not forget this iconic number :wub:



Yesss Loved this! :wub:


I thought that was kind of cringeworthy from James. :ph34r:


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LOL The facebooks already call her unlikeable and now this? RIP Hannah's chances of making it past the semi finals :)


God she is gorgeous, that is all. :wub::wub::wub:


Hannah turning her villain edit into a sympathy edit :wub: Another mastermind :wub:


I didn't get sympathy from that :dead:

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