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DWTS28 Week 9 Discussion Thread


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Mix of 8s and 9s are fair for Kel's Paso. :yes:


Not Kel coming for the Christian vote :wub::wub::wub::wub: A strategic mastermind :wub::wub::wub:

MTE. :dead:


I think it was pretty recent... I think they ended their relationship not long before the first live show, but then I only heard about all this drama in the last few days. >.

Ahh I read a headline about it but didn't really know. Ughh that is soo upsetting and sad to hear. :( >.


EN VOGUE? :spaz:

Queens! :wub:

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Top Posters In This Topic

First round rankings on first watch:


1. Ally & Sasha - Samba

2. James & Emma - Jive

3. Kel & Witney - Paso Doble

4. Lauren & Gleb - Quickstep

5. Hannah & Alan - Salsa

6. Jenna - Argentine Tango


Torn between 2-3 though and interchangeable on first watch.

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James dancing to *NSYNC? Lol I can't wait. :giggle: But ugh I tought he was gonna dance to NKTOB. :ermm:


Kel saw S**n mention veterans and he drove Witney straight to church, no choice but to stan :wub: :wub:

We stan Kel Mitchell in this house. :wub:

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Oh well. So, Ally vs. Kel confirmed.

:| :| :|


Not surprised Len didn't like the choreography too much.

Same. :(


Lmaooooo @ this getting one of the lowest scores of the night. It was literally my favorite dance of the season idc :wub::wub::wub:

Loving your love for Kel's Paso. :wub:


Hannah Brown villain edit :wub::wub::wub:

Kinda her edit on The Bachelor. :lmao:

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LMAOO Loved James' *NSYNC story. :dead:


Ooh yayy he's dancing to "Bye Bye Bye"... this was a jam back in 2000. :bobo:


I wanted some moer signature *NSYNC moves but at the same time, it was great that they made that routine original. James did really kill it with the dancing + performing there. And wow he really looked like a legit Boy Band performer in that dance.


Len can sit down with his comments. :ermm: James killed that. (!)

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