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DWTS28 Week 9 Discussion Thread


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That was a slow quickstep lol. It was good, but it felt like an amazing week three dance.

Ahh yeah that makes sense. Still enjoyed it though.


This audience is SO ANNOYING. :rolleyes:

Ugh for real. :ermm:


tonight is so mediocre? honesty this season sucks so much.

I think having the couples doing 2 full on routines could be a reason. Less time to perfect 1 dance. :ph34r:

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Get that religious vote, Kel. :bye2: :teehee:


Although ugh I wish this show would stop with the Free Your Mind Pasos. :ph34r: But with that said wow Kel, he put a lot of power and intensity and ferocity into that dance. Wow kinda exceeded my expectations with how he killed that performance wise. :omg: I think technically he suffered and didn't extend his lines strong enough.... but loved how he performed it.


Ugh Len's comment but not really surprised it was too gimmicky for him. :ph34r:

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