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  1. Marisa Corvo- You pick Tanner, really Kelly? One Up- Not robbed but deserved a steal Tayler Green- Had a insanely good KO. Rizzi Myers- Same reason as one up. Mendeleyev- More interesting then preston Toia Jones- HOW? Livia Faith- One of the best tones i heard. Darious Lyles- Was way better then Mike. Lindsay Joan- DESERVED THE SAVE NICK! Bradley Sinclair- ^^
  2. FINALLY SOME SAYS HER NAME! I loved spensha baker from season 14 one of the best country females we had!
  3. Is it just me or did i find Pia and Myracles tones the same! Their vocal ranges and emotional cracks kept reminded me of eachother!
  4. I can’t wait for idf to predict the live shows once battle and KO spoilers come out hehe
  5. I love how your always here before the season. Although i never seen you once during a season LMFAOO.
  6. I saw Sarah in the trailer and she was emotional so I think they are showing her. I don’t know about Jej or Chris. Possibly? Especially Jej with being in a group.
  7. I didn’t want to say anything but i couldn’t keep patience… Brian Henderson - The Dance - turned 4 chairs. Blake blocked Kelly. Chose BLAKE -Ariana and Kelly were both crying during the audition -The audience went INSANE - Blake called him the winner and everyone in the room agreed. -My sources are saying there’s literally zero chance and he already won the season lol ONG NOOO GUYS POOR ARIANA J.O.K.E btw
  8. All his performances were phenomenal and I loved his tone so much
  9. In all seriousness, I loved Corey’s , Kylas, Kyndal, Ricky Braddy, Zania/Vanessa, Lauren Duski, Gihanna Zoe, Anna Grace, Emily Luther, Pia Renee, Cam Anthony, Marina Chello, Jake Hoot, Cali Wilson, Rose Short and Nataisa Greyclouds. yes i loved all those knockouts all we’re IMO some of the best performances.
  11. yall i had so much anxiety last night because of my graduation today… and idolforums wants to shut down. WTF. Anyways i just graduated and thank god idolforums is working again! I hope this doesn’t happen again!! Anyways i hope we get some name spoilers sometime next week!
  12. Unpopular- I want someone like Mia Z to come next season! A rock blues female!
  13. Unpopular Opinions - Season 20>>>Season 17 - I really think Lynea Moorer from Season 15 was underrated in lives. - IMO Season 16 had the best blinds we ever saw in a while from The Voice. - Karly Moreno deserved to beat Celia Babini. - Micah Tryba deserved to win her battle.
  14. Probably the best version of Wolves i’ve ever heard. She was so hated when she won the comeback. Then proved the haters wrong! https://youtu.be/is8eVK8C7v0
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