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  1. I really think the Season 21 premiere is gonna be stacked. I know i said that it can possibly be lackluster. I think it’s gonna be a great premiere with great singers and usually having 5/6 artists who made the playoffs, our playoff lineup is pretty strong! Hoping for a Holly/Gymani/Wendy in the premiere. With Ryliegh/Both Haileys/Samuel/ Katherine Ann being in the middle of the premiere!
  2. Wow Vaughn has 500K views on youtube right now, with Ariana being a coach I thought the numbers were gonna rise? I know I can still be wrong with one audition airing but tbh right now it seems the case I mean… maybe?
  3. I feel like we are gonna have a underwhelming premiere… I hope my words aren’t true but ya rn it seems the case.
  4. To be honest if Jim and Sasha got 4 chairs to turn, they are definitely closing the premiere!
  5. I really think they are gonna stack the season 21 premiere. Whenever the leak is underwhelming they always stack the premiere. Unlike season 18 tho idk what they were thinking putting Nelson then literally having no threats and all KO fodder in the premiere.
  6. I really think with them having 48 artists and the addition of Ariana they might leak someone like Gymani or even Holly tonight. I know they won’t but let me dream
  7. remember there might be more 4 chair turns because we didn’t get info for tapings 4 and 5!
  8. TBH I kinda liked the idea of them leaking a artist who we aren’t hyped up for. It makes it way better to see who’s in the premiere and how stacked they are willing to make it. And TBH Vaughn was good I mean he wasn’t the worst leak. BTW y’all they have leaked Mike Schavio for the premiere back in season 10 who didn’t make Lives. Vaughn>> Kim and Nelson
  9. I just checked the season 19 spoiler page and the leak came out at 8:48 PM EST on Thursday Night! I guess we’re having to wait for tommorow!
  10. Guys Last Fall Tamaras came out around 10 PM EST Thursday Night with us also getting information that Lauren Frihauf is in the premiere as well. It’s different each season like last season Victors wasn’t out until 12 in the afternoon Friday, and we didn’t get any names only Victors knowledge of him being in the premiere.
  11. Wow… Tonight can be the night where we finally get the leak! I’m pretty excited and pumped to be honest! I really hope something gets leaked tonight and not tomm Morning lmfaooa, but I would be fine with anything as long as we get a leak!
  12. hey y’all i’m back as well in the spoiler thread! Missed you guys and everything you guys did! I’m really excited! Thank you for those who got the spoilers!
  13. IMO my favorite spring season was season 20 even though it wasn’t long. The Talent was phenomenal and the right people moved on. The winner was also insane! The Fall Seasons has me stuck… Seasons 13, 15 , and 17 all were great. Season 11 was really ehh. Season 19 was good but didn’t live up to expectations and many people pre lives were sabotaged with wrong song choices and many mediocre country singers took over, Carter was a good singer though, and deserved the win! My favorite fall season is season 13 no doubt the talent was insane! All singers were phenomenal none were bad. Results were great and no one disappointed that went into lives!
  14. off topic: Congrats to Cam Anthony being the first LGBTQ Winner on The Voice! Someone can correct me if wrong but yes congrats Cam!
  15. Wow! So no country singers are going into Lives… Maybe except for Peedy Or Lana if they classify as country but I’m loving how unique this season is becoming!
  16. All these battles are underrated IMO and I want to see what are your guys opinions
  17. Happy Spoiler Day! I can’t wait to see how much meltdowns we’re gonna get today LMFAOO. Imagine all our faves advance I will literally jump off a cliff.
  18. So Kinsey, Wendy and Holly are the blocked contestants this season we just need one more!
  19. I hope you update your fan threads once the season starts and don’t leave LMFAO.
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