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  1. TBH I loved tonight’s premiere… Sure it wasn’t as stacked as it should be, but to be honest I already know tommorow is gonna be way better then the premiere I have a feeling. Peedy was a surprise, GNT was really good. Katherines audition was a whole iconic, Jonathon was insane, he kind of reminded me of Darius from season 18. Jack has a cool soothing tone. I liked Kinsey’s tone. Wendy was phenomenal and exceptional as we expected a overall good premiere for me!
  2. TBH i am more worried about Holly… Like Ari used her block on John for Holly and Holly picked Kelly? I hope the arianators calm down with Holly
  3. So we have… Jonathon Mouton Katherine Ann Mohler Katie Vaghun Mogul Wendy Moten Girl Named Tom 3 or 4 names TBD…
  4. Brittney posted a post saying “tonight”. I definitely see her being tonight!
  5. Vaughn already hit 1 Mill on Youtube in 3 days! Btw I totally see them bringing back the coach comeback for the playoffs with Vaughn being Aris comeback artist
  6. Ahhh… Then I think i would replace him with either Shadale or KJ Jennings?
  7. no but seriously I totally see this being the premiere. I would’ve switched up Holly with Girl Named Tom, but Holly might not be in the premiere after saying she doesn’t know when. So i can see this premier happening
  8. Okay so with Vaughn being in many of the promos and him being the leak… I definitely see… - Katherine Ann Mohler- Team Ariana - Jeremy Rosado- Team Kelly - Brittney Bree- Team Legend - Vaghun Mogul- Team Ariana - Bella Denapoli or Raquel- Team Ari - Hailey Green- Team Blake - Samuel Harness- Team Legend - Girl Named Tom- Team Kelly -LiBianca- Team Blake Okay so basically I can totally see this happening. Katherine and Vaughn are battle partners and they usually put 2 battle partners in the premiere. Bella/Raquel are one of Aris frontrunners. LiBiancas song choice and unexpected coach pick is something they should put in the premiere. Girl Named Tom is the only group that got 4 chairs. Samuel might be a block contestant so i can see him being in the premiere. Hailey was a comeback contestant and they usually put those in the premiere. Brittney is a AA Diva and to be honest her don’t choice and her picking Team Legend is a smart move to put her in the premiere, she’s a stolen contestant in the KO as well and they seem to put that. Jeremy hinted he will be at the premiere so i’m guessing tonight?
  9. Y’all I am so excited to see the fans back! It’s gonna be so great!
  10. I really think the Season 21 premiere is gonna be stacked. I know i said that it can possibly be lackluster. I think it’s gonna be a great premiere with great singers and usually having 5/6 artists who made the playoffs, our playoff lineup is pretty strong! Hoping for a Holly/Gymani/Wendy in the premiere. With Ryliegh/Both Haileys/Samuel/ Katherine Ann being in the middle of the premiere!
  11. Wow Vaughn has 500K views on youtube right now, with Ariana being a coach I thought the numbers were gonna rise? I know I can still be wrong with one audition airing but tbh right now it seems the case I mean… maybe?
  12. I feel like we are gonna have a underwhelming premiere… I hope my words aren’t true but ya rn it seems the case.
  13. To be honest if Jim and Sasha got 4 chairs to turn, they are definitely closing the premiere!
  14. I really think they are gonna stack the season 21 premiere. Whenever the leak is underwhelming they always stack the premiere. Unlike season 18 tho idk what they were thinking putting Nelson then literally having no threats and all KO fodder in the premiere.
  15. I really think with them having 48 artists and the addition of Ariana they might leak someone like Gymani or even Holly tonight. I know they won’t but let me dream
  16. remember there might be more 4 chair turns because we didn’t get info for tapings 4 and 5!
  17. TBH I kinda liked the idea of them leaking a artist who we aren’t hyped up for. It makes it way better to see who’s in the premiere and how stacked they are willing to make it. And TBH Vaughn was good I mean he wasn’t the worst leak. BTW y’all they have leaked Mike Schavio for the premiere back in season 10 who didn’t make Lives. Vaughn>> Kim and Nelson
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