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  1. I Have A Feeling Tate Can Lose To Roderick Tonight. I Mean Nick Let Him Win Over Joanna. We Will Have To See. As For Darious And Mike, I Think Darious Will Shock Us All And Beat Mike.
  2. If I’m Being Honest The Coach We Need Next Season Is JHUD Replacing John! We Had Enough Of John Legend. Let’s Bring Back JHUD! Season 13 And 15 Were Lit Because Of Her Shoe Throwing! BRING BACK JHUD PLEASE!
  3. My Predictions(We Already Know Some Results) Joei Fulco V Levi Watkins Megan Danielle V CamWes(Steal By John) Darious Lyles V Mike Jerel Todd Tighman V Cam Spinks Tate Brusa V Roderick Chambers Zan Fiskum V Joana S(Steal By Blake) BTW. I Picked Darious Over Mike Because Darious Will Be Singing A Much Slower Soulful Song That Will Prehaps Wow John. While Mike Will Be Pitchy, Singing Versace On The Floor.
  4. I Think The Winners Of The Unannounced Spoilers Are... Anaya Cheyenne Tate Brusa Arei Moon Darious Lyles
  5. If I’m Being Honest, Blake Should’ve Never Used His Steal On Cedrice. Brittney Was Way Better. Cedrice Is Good At Singing But Ehh Idk, I Feel Like The Coaches Feel Bad For Her. Brittney Deserved To Stay IMO Her And Zans Battle Was My Favorite Last Night! Blake Should Have Used His Steal On Brittney TBH.
  6. I Hope For Next Season Or Later On We See Some People Audition From The Four! It Is Really Irritating How We Have Not Seen Anyone From The Four. The Voice Needs Some People From The Four, Like Cheyenne Elliot, Brennen Villainous, Candice Boyd, Lex Lu, Blair Perkins, Ash Minor, Alma Lake, Destani Bryant, Saeed Raughnaud. We Always See People From Idol Or AGT Let Us See People From The Four!
  7. The Knockouts Some Results/Predictions Team Blake Todd Tilghman V Cam Spinks Toneisha Harris V Cedrice: Stolen By Kelly Joei Fulco V Levi Watkins Team John Mandi Castillo V Thunderstorm: Stolen By Nick Darius Lyles V Mike Jerel Zan Fiskum V Joanna Serenko: Stolen By Blake Team Kelly Megan Danielle V CammWess: Stolen By John Anaya Cheyenne V Mandi Thomas Micah Iverson V Tayler Green Team Nick Arei Moon V Roderick Chambers Tate Brusa V Jon Mullins Allegra Miles V Jacob Miller 4 Way Knockout Samantha Howell V Todd Micheal Hall V Nelson Cade 3 V Micheal Williams
  8. If I’m Being Completely Honest, I Feel Like All Singers In The Blinds Premiere(1st Episode)Always Make It Far(Past Battles + Knockouts)More Then The Others Who Audition In The 2nd Or 3rd Episode.
  9. Quick Observation Here Or Prediction... What If Nelson is Nicks Battle Steal I Mean John Blocked Nick For Nelson So If John Picks Darious For Nelson I Think Nick Will Snatch Nelson. As For Team Blake, What If Jon Mullins Beats Todd Tighman. I Mean Blake Did Let Go Of A 4 Chair Turn (Valerie Ponzio) For A 1 Chair Turn (Enid Ortiz). Same Thing Can Happen Here. I’m Predicting That John Will Save Brittney. While Nelson Will Be Nicks Steal. Also On The Last Spring Season, The 2nd Episode Of Battles Only Had 2 Steals Of Karly Moreno And Kendra Checketts So I Think They Will Do The Same Concept Here Of Steals With CamWess And Nelson Cade.
  10. I Think Joanna And Roderick Will Be The Last Battle Of The Night Tommorow. The Coaches Were All Saying That Their Battle Was Better Than The Other Ones.
  11. So For Monday’s Battles... We Already Know That 2 Saves/Steals Happen Of Todd V Joei And Roderick V Joanna. I’m Guessing That Either Chelle V Anaya Happens In A Steal/Save Or Allegra V Micheal. I Think Chelle V Anaya Is More Likely To Happen In A Steal/Save Moment.
  12. For Monday’s Lineup It Should Be... CamWess V Mandi C :Singing Señorita GiGi Hess V Micah Iverson: Song TBA Nelson Cade V Darius Lyles: Song TBA Toneisha Harris V TBA: Song TBA Tate Brusa V Anders Dreup: Song TBA Todd Micheal Hall V Joei Fulco: Song TBA Roderick V Joanna: when the party’s over In Usually 2 Hour Episodes Their Should Be Around 2-3 Saves And Steals Happening. We Already Know Cam And Mandi Have A Steal, So Do Roderick And Joanna. It’s Either Going To Be Darious And Nelson For A Save Or Todd Micheal Hall And Joei For A Save. Usually Battle Premieres Have 3 Steals Or Saves.
  13. So I Have A Speculation That Either Chelle Or Jacob Daniel Murphy Will Be Other Options Of Nicks Steal, For Chelle, Blake, Nick, And Kelly All Turned. Toneisha Is Probably Going To Destroy Jacob and I Think Nick Will Feel Bad For Jacob And Steal Him? So Ya I Think Jon M, Chelle, And Jacob Daniel Murphy Will Be Nicks Options For A Steal.
  14. So Basically These Are and Should Be The Battle Pairings This Season?!(With Predictions and Some Results) Team John Mandi Castillo V CamWess: Stolen By Kelly Nelson Cade V Darious: Saved By John? Zan Fiskum V Brittney Allen Mike Jerel V Zach Day Thunderstorm V Cedrice: Stolen By Blake Team Blake Cam Spinks V Kailey Abel Joei Fulco V Todd M Hall:Saved By Blake? Toniesha V Jacob Daniel Murphy Todd Tighman V Jon Mullins Levi Watkins V Jamal Corrie Team Kelly Samantha Howell V Chelle: Stolen By Nick? Micah Iverson V GiGi Hess Megan Danielle V Anaya: Saved By Kelly? Mandi Thomas V Sara Collins Tayler Green V JULES Team Nick Roderick V Joanna S: Stolen By John Tate Brusa V Anders Dreup Allegra Miles V Micheal W: Saved By Nick? Arei Moon V Samuel Wilco Jacob Miller V Kevin Farris
  15. As For Blake, Nick and Johns Battle Pairings... Levi V Jamal(Already Know) Cam V Kailey(Already Know) Toniesha V Jacob Murphy Jon Mullins V Todd Tighman Todd Micheal Hall V Joei Fulco (SAVED) Arei Moon V Samuel Wilco(Know) Jacob Miller V Kevin Farris(Know) Allegra Miles V Micheal Williams Roderick Chambers V Anders(SAVED) Tate Brusa V Joanna Serenko(Stolen By John) Zan Fiskum V Zach Day Thunderstorm V Cedrice(StolenBy Blake Darious Lyles V CammW(Stolen By Kelly Mike Jerel V Nelson Cade (SAVED) Mandi Castillo V Brittany Allen Hope You Like My Predictions, BTW I am new to idolforums, I Have Been A Voice Fan Since Season 9!!
  16. So Basically My Team Kelly Battle Predictions Are... Sara V Mandi(We already Know) Tayler V Jules(Already Know) Samantha V Chelle(Stolen By Nick) Micah V Gigi Megan V Anaya(Kelly Saves Anaya) I Think Chelle Might Be Nicks Battle Steal. Will Face Off Against Arei in the Knockouts.
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