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  1. RAQUEL WAS ROBBED! Idc what anyone says this is absolutely unnecessary. She had the best performance last night of Team Ari.
  2. Wow… Jershika got the peoples vote and Jim and Sasha? Damn also Jeremy? Wow!
  3. WOAH… Sam, Bella and LiBianca gone? Ari crying like crazy… tonight was chaotic huh? Wow… I’m so happy though… congrats to this Top 13! Solid Top 13!
  4. Didn’t Ryleigh Surpass Victor last season, and Victor still snatched the PV?
  5. For Team Legend the FB reception is rn… Most Views Joshua Vacanti: 84K Views as of Rn Shadale: 46K Views as of Rn Samuel Harness: 37K Views Rn Jershika Maple: 30K Views Rn David Vogel: 30K Views Rn Most Reactions Joshua Vacanti: 3.1K Shadale: 1.9K Jershika Maple: 1.7K Samuel Harness: 1.6 K David Vogel: 981 Minivans Thoughts Joshua Vacanti: Mostly Positive, Some don’t like him, says he should be in broadway. Shadale: A Comment said she’s Legends best singer. Mostly positive compared to rest of Team Legend. Jershika Maple: Some positive, some not so positive. Mostly the screamer comments. Samuel Harness: Many comments saying this was not the best song for him. Needs better song for suit him. David Vogel: Not so many good comments. Some positive comments here and there. Well it looks like idek what’s gonna happen for this Team LMFAO. Knowing Minivan takes place over the voting in the lives. It looks like Joshua can possibly get PV 1. Idk about who is gonna get PV 2 maybe Shadale? Maybe Samuel even if he flopped?
  6. Guys Joshua has the most views out of everyone on Team Legend right now on Facebook. Shadale comes in second. David’s just got posted and they aren’t liking him a lot. Joshua has praise so does Shadale.
  7. PV 1: David Vogel PV 2: Shadale Coach Save: Jershika Maple
  8. PV 1: Girl Named Tom PV 2: Hailey Mia Coach Save: Gymani
  9. Raquel>>Ryliegh, J&S, Bella Damn It looks like Raquel is getting the PV.
  10. I think if Jeremy and Hailey don’t do good… Gymani has a chance at 2nd PV!
  11. Imagine GNT doesn’t make it and Jim and Sasha do… . I would love both advancing though. Literally one of the best duos and possibly the best trio ever to be on this show. Both deserve to go through!
  12. that’s how his taste is you can’t change anything about it. He actually doesn’t only like the AA singers only he likes others as well. Atleast your being kind about it and not being rude.
  13. Just to mention… whoever opens can possibly be advancing. Season 16- Rod Stokes- PV Season 17- Ricky Duran- PV Season 18- Thunderstorm Artis- PV Season 19- Desz- PV Season 20- Corey Ward- Wildcard Vote
  14. i don’t know about this… it’s too early to call… Shadale is someone who I really think is getting slept on… because if she delivers tonight i can see her getting a PV.
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