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  1. A good singer songwriter male with PopRock influences: Hunter Plake, Corey Ward, Jake Wells, Max Boyle, Micah AA Female PH: Desz, Kyla Jade, Rose Short Country Powerhouse Female: Taryn Papa Indie Pop Female with Ethereal Tone: Maelyn Jarmon, Cami Clune, Zan Fiskum Teen Country/Pop/Folk Indie Female: MaryBeth Byrd, Rachel Mac, Kat Hammock, Addison Agen. Indie Pop Jazzy/Unique Tone Female: Anna Grace, Joanna Serenko, Allegra, Julia. Indie Alt/Pop Male: Noah Mac. Blues/Rock Male: Micheal Lee. Rock Female: Moriah Formica, Natalie Brady, Savanna Woods. PopRock Female: Lindsay Joan, Marisa Corvo, Kelsie Watts, Christina Grimmie, Raine Stern. Teenage Pop/R+B singer: Gihanna Zoe, Hanna Eyre, Kennedy Holmes, Hello Sunday
  2. Praying that We get a total of 12 artists on each team for Season 21!
  3. Ugh Myracle and Elise was one of the best battles I’ve ever watched, everything abt it was phenomenal wtf. I can totally see Queen Kelly doing great with breathin so will John, and Blake singing it will be interesting.
  4. I really think TPTB might be pushing for Ariana to be picky so her team doesn’t fill right away, but you could be right. Man it’s gonna be fun seeing Ariana pitch, I wonder how she’ll pitch.
  5. Praying/Manifesting well get 10 4 chair turns in season 21, like that one youtube fake spoiler comment said last season under a youtube video hehe
  6. Karli Webster’s- Blue Bayou. Cali Wilson- Wicked Game. Jake Hoot- Cover me up. Kiara Brown- Free Fallin. Rose Short- Big White Room. Myracle + Elise’s- Breathin. Allegra Miles- Chandilier. Jacob Miller- Better Now. Tayler Green- Time after Time. Hello Sunday- Almost is never enough. Kat Hammock- Kiss Me. Alex Guthrie- I’m not the only one. Natasia Greycloud- Tennessee Whiskey. TBH some of these are already popular and well known but to me I feel like some of you guys rarely talk about it but these performances were some of the best performances I’ve ever watched on The Voice.
  7. SAME THO.. I was so happy how good it was last night because of the audience and now I realize they made it fake wtf. I still won’t let it get to me and will enjoy it nonetheless. I hope The Voice gets a real audience tho!
  8. Isn’t Max Boyle Bi or something I remember some of you talking about it a while ago? If he is part of the LGBTQ I’ll add him to my list of favorite LGBTQ contestants. Here are my favorites - Allegra Miles - Ryliegh Modig - Marisa Corvo - Chris Weaver - Sawyer Federicks
  9. With AGT having an audience for the auditions I could definitely see The Voice having an audience for Season 21!
  10. 1. Rio Doyle 2. Deion Warren 3. Savanna Chestnut 4. Jose Figueroa Jr. 5. Ciana Pelekai
  11. I love how bored we all are looking for spoilers... this summer is gonna be boring as hell until we get spoilers LMFAOO.
  12. Hoping Brooke,Chris, Sarah or even Jej’s Group get the golden buzzer!
  13. Wait how do y’all know this send me the link please!
  14. Idky but I feel like this season will end up like Season 11... Gosh I hope not.
  15. Awari- He’s big and muscular and usually bodybuilders are known for being really strong. Durell Anthony- Sang What’s Going On, His battle with Zania was phenomenal as well. Ethan/Bradley- Both have amazing Low Notes, They have trouble with their high notes though. Denisha Dalton- She closed Taping 6 and Opened Episode 6 of Blinds. Halley Greg- Knowing how obsessed BK is with Carolina they know Carolina has a fear of birds, and Halley sang Like a Bird so I really think that this one is Halley.
  16. Unpopular opinion but I loved Chelle from Season 18 and I thought her tone was awesome and could’ve made it way farther then Anaya tbh. She could’ve got a better battle song
  17. - Connor Christian - Jose F. Jr - JD Casper - Aaron Konzelman - Christine Cain
  18. We need artists like these next season... Taryn Papa/Lauren Duski- Female Powerhouse Country Singer. Cami Clune/Maelyn Jarmon/Zan Fiskum- Indie Pop Singer with a Ethereal Tone. Julia Cooper/Anna Grace/Joanna Serenko- Indie Jazzy/Pop Singer with a Unique Tone. Rachel Mac/Kat Hammock/MaryBeth Byrd/Addison Agen- Indie Folk/Pop/Country Teenage Singer-Songwriter. Corey Ward/Max Boyle/Micah Iverson/Hunter Plake- Emotional Male Singer Songwriters. With RockPop Influences. Chris Weaver/Cam Anthony/Matthew Johnson/Shawn Sounds/Chris Blue - Male R+B Powerhouses with Soul Power. Gihanna Zoe/Kennedy Holmes/Larriah Jackson/Hello Sunday- Female AA Teenage Pop Singers. Rose Short/Desz/Kyla Jade- Please Give me a AA PH, with at least one of their tones! Moriah Formica/Marisa Corvo/Natalie Brady/Kelsie Watts/Christina Grimmie- A PopRock Female with a Ethereal Tone! PLEASE!!!! Savanna Woods/Ciera Dumas/Chloe Kohanski- A Female PopRock or Old School Rock Singer with a raspy tone... PLEASE!
  19. I’m curious on how good the talent is gonna be for Season 21! Season 20 was a really good season... I’m wondering if Season 21 is gonna top it?!
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