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  1. The Cunningham sisters are really closing? so that means they got more then 2 chairs?
  2. is it possible there is someone like Shadale? Who got 4 chairs and is closing?
  3. OMG the results of this season heading to lives are gonna make Minivan suffer… IM ALL HERE FOR IT MUHAHAHAHAHHAH
  4. i can totally see the block concept going on until the first hour which Holly will either close or open the second hour. I see her opening the second hour and raquel closing tonight’s episode. She’s Ari first 3 chair turn contestant that made Lives.
  5. I really enjoyed that! It was a good performance. Definitely a talented young man. Although, I’m kinda thanking god rn he lost his KO because damn he would’ve won and we could’ve seen so much robberies.
  6. Was it just me or did they fill the Season 21 premiere like the Season 18 one? In Season 18 they filled all KO Fodder except for Todd, Megan, and Joanna. Same thing with Season 21 with everyone being KO Fodder and only 3 spots of lives(Peedy, GNT, Wendy) Just found out as well Season 13 premiere had only 3 contestants in the lives. Overall I enjoyed the Season 21 premiere more than the Season 18 and 13 one. It was much better.
  7. Am I the only one who actually enjoyed Joshua and Jonathon? I loved both of their auditions.
  8. Great so we know it’s NOT gonna be Carson Peters Aaron Hines LiBianca Holly Forbes Raquel Trinidad Hailey Mia
  9. Knowing we’ve been wrong about the leaks in the past it’s gonna be someone we least care about
  10. I hope they leak someone who is not closer material. Gymani was a closer, Vaughn wasn’t. I just pray it’s someone with 2/3 chairs to turn and someone who makes Lives. Last Year it was Carter, Season 17 was Josie, Season 15 was Dave.
  11. I just hope Raquel closes next weeks episode because the Arianators will be more calm with Ari gettin Raquel then Holly rejecting her…
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