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  1. I feel bad for John tbh... After Victors performance of Freedom he deserved 3rd or 4th not fifth... He needs a threat next season man or hes screwed
  2. thank you @snoopy2003 for not raging and snapping at all of us and getting mad that your favorite didn’t win. Because if Cam didn’t win most of idf would’ve done the exact opposite Lol
  3. IMO one of the best seasons I’ve watched. Definitely a lock for my Top 5 of all seasons I have watched!
  4. This was one hell of a Season... The best season i’ve watched since Season 17!
  5. I was getting happy for Kelly getting her 4th win... but DAMN I WAS WRONG YESSIRR!!
  6. LMFAOO i can’t wait for the meltdowns or meldown. OMG i can’t wait for snoopy03 to start cussing all of us out!!!
  7. I really think this might be the hardest season yet to predict the winner. Usually the other seasons we knew Carter, Todd, Jake will take the trophy so this is stress omg
  8. If i’m being honest Kenzie/Cam, Rachel/Cam, Victor/Cam are all great Top 2’s. That will be the best runner up- winner status compared to the last seasons IMO. Notice how i said Cam because he’s been the best one this whole season.
  9. I feel like we hyped up Victor too much(not as much as kenzie but still) pre season. We all thought he was this gospel king who was gonna take us to church each performance. Instead... We got Victor dancing. We should stop hyping people up tbh until we see each performance. We were smart by hyping Kenzie the most though
  10. If she does go 5th I can really start calling Minivan sexist. I’m so ashamed how many females we could have had in each finale since season 18-20. I wanna thank Nick for actually caring and having top 2 females in his top 9.
  12. If i’m being honest... If Cam wins he’s the most deserving winner we had since Maelyn.
  13. Under the TVLine comments I saw a comment saying this Kensley Wheeler. I never knew we had a extra finalist named Kensley Wheeler. Watch him win...
  14. Next season pre season 21, I am gonna go ahead and predict that idol-forums is gonna think the teen boy/girl that joins Team Ariana will win the whole season. This time I actually think we could be right LMFAOO.
  15. I am not trying to assume that all of us said this, but I remember most of us in idol-forums pre season 19- until Carters KO, we all thought Jim will take the trophy. If you look back in the season 19 spoiler thread you will see what I am talking about Lol.
  16. Its so depressing when a season is about to end. Especially this one, because this season was most entertaining then the most couple of ones I seen.
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