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  1. Survey monkey takes me to AI voting. ??
  2. This. She’s a favorite, but her audition was not good. Song choice wrong, etc. what everyone has said. I gotta give props to Kelly for seeing/hearing who Megan is and how good she is. Giving her that Patty Griffin song was genius... Ranking the auditions of the top 9, even Todd comes in above Megan for me. That’s not hating.
  3. I’m thinkIng Joei might be your TCO? Songs Megan: The House that Built Me Joei: Baby You Can Sleep While I Drive Camwess. Can’t Find My Way Home Joanna: (I hope you) Burn Todd: Waymaker
  4. Yah, I was going Mandi, but oh well
  5. Ayiyi, of course. And he’ll do the praise-pogo bliss-hop while singing Way Maker.
  6. Turning Tables? I’m Going Down — only 2, Nichole and Janice? Really tired of Diamonds - maybe I should have put this in unpopular opinions thread? and was tired of Chandelier but thought Allegra made it kind of exciting again Rose Short’s IWTKWLI is the peak!
  7. Yah, I’ve been following up on MW, and there’s a whole lotta ‘let’s drink beer outta Sippy cups top down Saturday night at the river’. His version of Cover me up is heartbreaking ly beautiful, but he is def not doing Americana these days.
  8. These aren’t all set in stone but Tessanne Chin Addison Agen Chloe MK Janice Freeman Chris Blue Vanessa Ferguson Kimberley Nichole Jeffrey Austin Billy Gilman Katie Kadan Korin Hawthorne India Carney Kyla Jade (*Keslea Johnson and Kameron Marlowe - Neither was on long enough for me to legitimately include) wow, lot of K’s!
  9. Looking at these four polls really shows how strong and loaded Blake’s team is!! PV. Thunderstorm- Nick’s in a funny bind b/c I think he’s not that committed to Thunderstorm but the public is, idk Save Allegra - I keep forgetting about her ? WC. Arei, we have to say that BUT, there’s something Funsho longevity about Roderick. Maybe even Nick’ll save him?
  10. I agree that’s what will happen but I voted what I want to happen, which is PV Cedrice Save Megan WC. Micah For all the Teams, the PV and Save is a difference of equals (is that the phrase?) - both positions mean the contestant goes through to the next round, and I don’t think the audience cares who was voted thru and who saved through.
  11. I voted what I’d like Toneisha for the PV (but I don’t think that will happen b/c..yah) Joanna for the Save I kinda love her voice (actually, I think she should and maybe will get PV) Joei for the WC, b/c I agree, she’s great, something straightforward and real about her - I think Blake is torn, she’s really unique but he thinks she shouldn’t punch people in the face haha) Todd (yah, I know, Blake’s probably gonna save him), but agree, don’t hate him, but don’t like him
  12. Here it is on YouTube, Raquel performing it the first time
  13. Yah, Dany’s right. Raquel Castro on Songland, with H.E.R. She does great. Beautiful, intelligent song. Here it is when she first performs it
  14. Do you mean, not appreciated in relation to their performance/ ability/ brilliance, or do you mean, cut too early? They’re not equivalent, although there’s probably a Venn diagram for it.
  15. Yeah, that’s totally what I am thinking and was about to say. Do they not have any screens with them, on their chairs, (or even some kiddo off on the side with a sign saying Don’t say anything, joking). Of course they do. They might even be whatsapping/communicating during performances (e.g., if I choose X will you steal Y)
  16. Voted Camm but meant Joanna Think Samantha will probably win the 4-way, but I also think she won’t hold up well against the remaining singers, esp female singers. If TMH actually came out of that alive/winning, then he could perhaps go fairly deep. There’s a mid-range of (for me) meh guys against which he’d stand out. Oh , X-factor 22, hi, you already said that! (Which is why probably Samantha takes it, okay, so, Samantha.)
  17. For me Winners: Tops of the top Chloe Kohanski, Tessanne Chin Then Sawyer Fredericks Alison Porter Maelyn Jaron Chris Blue Jordan Smith Javier Colon (managed to find quite a bit on YouTube a while ago...) I accept Josh Kaufman Danielle Bradbury And also Cassadee Pope Sundance Head — look, not my pick at all, but, he totally went for it. Whatever Brynn Cartelli Chevel Shepherd I don’t care to list the others
  18. 1. Addison Agen 2a Matt McAndrew 2b Billy Gilman - For a heart-wrenchingly beautiful duet (love duets, real duets), go listen again to Billy and Kelly Clarkson Voice finale duet It’s Quiet Uptown. 3 Britton Buchanan - he’s got a lot of musicality in him 4 Ricky Duran - Kept waiting for him to ... 5 Lauren Duski 6 Emily Ann 8 Chris Kroeze - it’s not his fault he kept getting put through to the next level 9 Adam Wakefield
  19. Megan Daniels: Baby You can Sleep While I Drive Joei Falco: When It Don’t Come Easy or Independence Day Zan Fiscum: Miss Chatelaine Micah Henderson: Can’t Find My Way Home Mandi Thomas: Burn (from Hamilton) Thunderstorm Artis: Helpless Todd Tilghman: Take Me To The King Cam Spinks: Leaving on your Mind Allegra Miles: Unlove You Oh yes, agree with Archanium, TMH: Don’t Stop Believing (and let him hop thru the whole thing. Perfect)
  20. Adam Lambert is something else. This X thousand.. Including the Iraheta ref.
  21. I don’t know where this goes, and maybe someone already said, but is Gyth Rigdon getting a second chance as Cam Spinks?
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