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  1. You're welcome. Thank you for joining. Here's tonight's video of him and Murphy
  2. Please add me. Been wanting to ask but I forgot. Thanks =D
  3. A Beane and Benson duet would be magical. Beane is like the male Haley of the season, and I'm loving it.
  4. Willie did amazing. Would love to be added =D
  5. Adding you now. And welcome to Team Wyatt
  6. Great writeup, and I agree with all of your assessment. Here are two covers Wyatt did. XD Beane is really great and a definitely a favorite of mine, although based on the judges' comments during his audition, I feel like he may be subject to criticism where everything he does gets questioned (like they might ask him what his genre is etc like in S10 with Haley Reinhart). Fast Car (Tracy Chapman) https://www.instagram.com/p/CMk3o0fJsSU/ Giving Up (Whitney)
  7. Anilee - Just A Little Heartache by Beth Hart Cassandra - Stars and Boulevards by Augustana Beane - I'm Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston (his own jazzy version lol) or Ghost by Ella Henderson Willie - Hello by Adele Benson - Strange Magic (Darren Hayes version) Wyatt - Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles Mary Jo - Not About Angels by Birdy
  8. Females Anilee List Casey Bishop Alyssa Wray Grace Kinstler Cassandra Coleman Males Willie Spence Beane Wyatt Pike Benson Boone Cecil Ray Baker Wildcards Chayce Beckham/Hunter Metts Mary Jo Young
  9. Wyatt just posted his cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" on his instagram. Apparently he has this regular session called Bits of Tunes where he does short cover songs lol https://www.instagram.com/p/CMk3o0fJsSU/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Also, his new original song "Diana" will be out on March 26.
  10. Just saw this. I think he will be catching up with the rest in LA Usually there are contestants who arrive later than the others.
  11. I saw this, and I'm very impressed. His voice is just magical.
  12. Same here. Looking forward to see how he does.
  13. I also think the same, actually. It's like Idol can't make a decision. If they want a Top 24, they should just finalise the list and not rely on a sing-off.
  14. My worry is that Benson and Beane are competing for the same votes, but hope they can go far. Usually contestants with the same genre or vocal style tend to cancel each other out (like country vs country - I'm guessing only Caleb Kennedy or Cecil Ray will make the Top 12).
  15. Oh yeah Neco vs Ben. I remember that. Hopefully that's the twist or that they are making it a Top 25.
  16. I notice that too. I wonder who they'll be critiquing more during the live shows, whether they're older or younger. They'd usually critique the fodders especially in the early stage - those contestants usually don't advance. Even with the audiences voting, the comments can easily influence the voters.
  17. I think Nick Fradiani was the oldest winning contestant on the show (if we include the FOX seasons). He was 28/29 that year. But yeah ABC wise, the winners are within the age range you mentioned.
  18. Enjoyed your early review. Mary Jo definitely has a relevant sound. She also reminds me of Birdy and Ellie Goulding in her delivery style. I agree that Wyatt is good, and while we need to hear more covers from him, this is a great cover he did on his Youtube. Very John Mayer-ish.
  19. Adding you now =D I agree he seems very genuine, and he really is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing him in Hollywood.
  20. ~ Welcome to the wonderful world of Wyatt ~ Official Site: www.wyattpike.com "Brand New Boy" Debut EP: https://ffm.to/brandnewboy Instagram If you'd like to be added, just let me know. I'll keep adding your names as we go along 1) jazzontherocks 2) jamescasaki 3) KelseyW 4) Tiger_8 5) Elliott 6) Niki 7) 1234567890
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