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  1. I believe he will. Praying for him to go through.
  2. He is very much loved on instagram, and many agreed he was among the Top 5 performers of the night. I sure hope we did enough. Love that he was able to show vulnerability in his solo. Simply amazing.
  3. Thank youuu. Just finished voting for him using multiple accounts I think this was his best performance yet. And he emotionally connected with the audiences.
  4. Yes, great idea. I think an emotional song can help him connect even more, be it a love song or a song that's inspirational
  5. Not sure if they'll be singing solos and then duets or just duets, but I believe we'll get 2 performances from each contestant yes. Wyatt could be a dark horse, and I think if he has a more emotional connection with the audiences he could last a while if not longer.
  6. Hope so too. I will be voting for him no matter what.
  7. Same with the Wyatt thread lol. What's interesting is both Murphy and Wyatt are very much loved on instagram
  8. Adding you now. Welcome, and thank you so much for supporting Wyatt
  9. Off the top of my head, I would like it if Beane sings Into the Unknown (the Brendan Urie version). His powerhouse but soulful, melodic voice makes him stand out from the other guys, and I think he can showcase that.
  10. Louis and Arthur bromance... Think I'm here for it lol Anyway, I like Louis so that'd be awesome for me.
  11. I like your theory. This seems like a better format with separate competitions on separate nights. Still, I agree with some users that this attempt to redo last season really discredits Just Sam. Plus, it's sending a message to the current Top 24 that it won't even matter if they win - if the show does not like the outcome, they can plan a redo next season.
  12. Definitely a lot of evidence, yes. The contestants have also been commenting on Louis's recent posts, and Louis regularly comments on theirs. In this case, the winner will most likely be someone from last season, given they already have established fanbases, starting with their auditions all the way to their 'at home' live shows. Lol. Only 5-6 contestants from this year's Top 24 will make the Top 12.
  13. Maybe it's best to just have these artists from last year returning just to perform some new music or a cover of their choice in the results shows, but not to compete. Do a "Tribute to Season 18" segment. Lol. Yes, let's wait for further confirmation. I'm happy about Louis and Makayla though
  14. I'm very, very excited. Looking forward to it, and I hope America will vote for him.
  15. Ohhh definitely a good advice. I hope so, since he really loves his daughter more than anything else.
  16. Ah ok. Hopefully he won't disappoint in the solo performance and that the casual viewers/voters will like him. Haha. Starting to get worried about the guys now.
  17. For the duet? Or for the solo? I haven't seen the solo song choices (unless they're getting rid of solos) lol.
  18. I see the possibility but hopefully not. A lot of Idol viewers don't tune in until the live shows, including some of my friends. Casual votes are going to contribute a lot.
  19. I agree. No matter what, she will be one of the greats, especially from the ABC version.
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