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  1. I think he'd be one of the best male performers coming out of the ABC version. Agree with you that he's very likeable. Love that he also took the judges' notes and applied it to his Showstoppers performance. Those highlights made him look otherworldly and fantastical, and I enjoyed seeing his transformation. =D
  2. She is a frontrunner to me, and I agree that she could deliver some unforgettable performances. I think there can be room for two rocker girls - if Alanis decides to stay in that lane.
  3. I agree with your assessment, m1key. I'm also guessing that casual voters may like Graham, especially if he does well. From what I remember, many predicted Wade wouldn't make it back then but he kept sailing on to Top 5 lol.
  4. Lol. I find Wyatt, Willie, Cecil Ray and Deshawn to be legit. Anyway, I'm very interested to know why a few consider Wyatt to be a fodder. Just curious haha. He is one of the guys with the least amount of followers on social media, though.
  5. I also have the same list as you.
  6. I hope so too. She is a big name, and even with her not being aired in Hollywood, fans kept asking for her so hopefully this can help her get enough votes.
  7. So do you all think Wyatt is a fodder, frontrunner or somewhere in the middle? Now that we know all of the Top 24, I feel like his ability to get votes will depend on his Top 24 performance.
  8. Wow this was the best he has ever sounded, and I definitely see him as a contender. So happy he makes the Top 24.
  9. Yes, let's vote so Beane can advance.
  10. Hi. You can just paste a youtube link that you have copied and the video will show up Glad Chayce makes the Top 24. Well-deserved.
  11. I think he deserves Top 3 or 4, although I'd be happy if he miraculously make the finale, but yeah America's voting now, and I truly hope he can get enough votes.
  12. So glad Beane made it too. One of the best male vocals on the show.
  13. What a solid performance Happy he got in.
  14. Love!! Looking forward to her performance =D
  15. Also, here's a new article on Wyatt and what we can expect from his performance in the final Hollywood round A wonderful read https://www.kpcw.org/post/park-citys-wyatt-pike-bring-big-band-energy-american-idol-sunday-night#stream/0
  16. Added =D Welcome! Happy to have you here.
  17. Just watched it. Oh my. Simply stunning
  18. Sorry, I meant the duets in full, not the genre challenge round. Certain contestants got featured in both rounds. I feel the same way you do about Alanis and Anilee not being shown much in Hollywood. Hopefully they'll show them at last. I remember S1 not showing a few of the Top 24 contestants (and even in the last Hollywood round before the Top 24 reveal, they were only shown singing for 2-3 seconds (Eg. Brandon Diaz).
  19. If Beane makes the Top 24, I say he has a big chance of getting the votes. He's popular, and his voice is melodic - plus I hope he keeps doing the jazz rock thing. It makes him even more unique =D
  20. I hope so too, that'd be the most fair like last season when they let all the semifinalists sing in one single night before the voting started. =D
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