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  1. Adding you now =D I agree he seems very genuine, and he really is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing him in Hollywood.
  2. ~ Welcome to the wonderful world of Wyatt ~ Official Site: www.wyattpike.com "Brand New Boy" Debut EP: https://ffm.to/brandnewboy Instagram If you'd like to be added, just let me know. I'll keep adding your names as we go along 1) jazzontherocks 2) jamescasaki 3) KelseyW 4) Tiger_8 5) Elliott 6) Niki 7) 1234567890
  3. I I agree with your analysis and predictions, and I see that happening with the guys, especially the WGs. Beane is in a league of his own though with his vocal range and techniques, so I hope he'd be able to make Top 12. From the indie guys, Wyatt has something special in my book, and I hope he can be one of the guys who advance.
  4. We're still waiting for 2 more names but from the Top 24 list, I feel like there are deserving females and deserving males.
  5. I've been praying every day for Anilee to make it, and I'm glad she is finally in. Hoping for Amanda and Liahona too.
  6. I hope so too. Hollywood Week soon XD
  7. I hope so too. Growth arcs play an integral part on the show, since they help draw audiences to the contestants, so I am guessing it's going to happen with some of the guys.
  8. I wonder if they'd do it by gender. Thought that format really worked in the Fox seasons (except the last one). Looking forward to finding out the direction they're going with this year.
  9. He has so much charisma. Would like to be added XD
  10. Clark and Nick Fradiani commented that they like him on the American Idol instagram page Anyway, I'd love to be added =D
  11. Thanks for the video. Cheryl should have been an easy yes. There were some cut contestants who were golden ticket-worthy. She is in the Crazy Rich Asians movie and soundtrack for those who'd like to hear more of her.
  12. Can't wait to see him in the Hollywood rounds.
  13. Would love to be added. He has such a refreshing voice. Great artistry too.
  14. Sign me up =D Her voice is divine. Reminds me of Birdy and Ellie Goulding.
  15. Yes the minute I saw her name in the previews before the show, I thought of Alanis. Lol.
  16. Her name instantly reminded me of Alanis Morissette. Her voice is absolutely incredible. Radio-ready too. XD
  17. Definitely joining. Hope I'm added. Thanks =D
  18. Cheryl K is the one whose music is featured in the Crazy Rich Asians soundtrack. I'l be looking her up.
  19. Over the Rainbow... What a treat from Siobhan =D
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