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  1. Wyatt Willie Grace Alyssa Alanis Cassandra Anilee DeShawn Andrea Alana Graham Cecil Ray
  2. I agree, and yes, Into the Unknown for Beane . XD
  3. Agreed =D Let's hope she makes it. Would like for her to do some Avril Lavigne lol. Losing Grip maybe.
  4. I can see Ava doing any Imogen Heap song.
  5. Very, very gifted. Such unique elegance and magic in her voice.
  6. Top 24 Questions 1. Which 8 singers from Group A will advance to Top 16? (80 points) - Willie Spence - Grace Kinstler - Wyatt Pike - Cassandra Coleman - Alissa Wray - Anilee List - Graham DeFranco - Andrea Valles 2. Which 8 singers from Group B will advance to Top 16? (80 points) - Ava August - Beane - Casey Bishop - Chayce Beckham - Jason Warrior - Caleb Kennedy - Liahona Olayan - Hunter Metts 3. Which female singer (from each group) will be announced first by Ryan Seacrest to move forward to Top 16? (20 points) - Alyssa Wray (Group A) - Casey Bishop (Group B ) 4. Which male singer (from each group) will be announced first by Ryan Seacrest to move forward to Top 16? (20 points) - Willie Spence (Group A) - Caleb Kennedy (Group B ) 5. What will be the ratio of male and female singers in the Top 16? (20 points) - 8 males: 8 females
  7. I thought the wildcards would be for the Top 12? This Sunday, they will send 8 people home (4 from each group) making it a Top 16.
  8. Over on instagram, some contestants have been posting from home today and not on the Idol set or inside their hotel, and I wonder if they were part of the ones who didn't make it. Instagram fans are speculating. With the pandemic still going on, I assume the producers would've let them know they didn't make it earlier on - probably a few hours after the voting line for Group 2 has closed. Hopefully Beane makes it through.
  9. Here are his performances once again Ben Rector was a great mentor for him. Prayers.
  10. Thanks for saying this about Wyatt I usually don't listen to his style but somehow I feel there's magic in his voice. Lol I've been worried about him performing without his guitar but he exceeded my expectations and did well.
  11. I wonder that too about possible spoilers. I thought it's going to be live, but if it's pre-recorded, maybe they'll record tomorrow or a couple days in advance. Hoping Beane makes it.
  12. Would love to be added. I absolutely adore her. Refreshing voice. Definitely a dark horse.
  13. Absolutely incredible duet. World-class.
  14. Just saw this, and you are right, it's the votes that count
  15. 1) Beane 2) Ava August 3) Chayce Beckham 4) Casey Bishop 5) Mary Jo Young 6) Liahona Olayan 7) Colin Jamieson 8 ) Jason Warrior 9) Hunter Metts 10) Caleb Kennedy 11) Madison Watkins 12) Hannah Everhart
  16. Yeah. Forget Idol Forums, though. On Instagram and Twitter, people see Beane as Top 2 with Ava (plus Chayce and Casey rounding out the Top 4). So we can see that Idol Forums are usually the tough audiences. When I power voted for Haley Reinhart in Top 24, people kept telling me Haley will not make the Top 12. She did.
  17. Let's hope so too. All I can say is if Beane goes home next week, it will be a travesty.
  18. I think Beane nailed it all. Just voted for him. Hope we can all get him to the Top 16.
  19. Ohhh lovely. Yes we need to vote nonstop and take Beane to the Top 16 and beyond.
  20. Solos Alanis Wyatt Willie Grace Cassandra Alyssa Anilee Deshawn Graham Andrea Alana Cecil Ray Duets Alanis Grace Willie Wyatt Cassandra Alyssa Anilee Graham Alana Deshawn Andrea Cecil Ray
  21. Glad to see a fellow Dalton fan voting for them. Can't wait for tomorrow!
  22. I will only vote for Beane tomorrow in addition to Casey. Haha. He needs to be protected, yes. Voting for Wyatt too who I'm also a fan of. Him, Beane and Casey.
  23. Only going to vote for him tomorrow haha. Beanie babies unite.
  24. Wow yesss I have been thinking of Into the Unknown. Beane would slay it!! =D
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