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  1. Hiii. Wow they are all incredible!!! I'm so impressed, and I really love the jet black background. Very atmospheric. Sorry about some of the image sizes, but your work turned out wonderful lol. Thank you sooo much If you have an Instagram, i will tag you in the post or I will still mention you with a link to your work here. I might start promoting next week. Still writing the scenes lol. Thanks soo much @Tiger_8
  2. Hello Tiger_8. Just came back to the forums. Wow I'm SO impressed by your work. Thank you so much!!! Will be using it =D Also, I hope you could make this last one for an Idol Season 19 fanfiction I'm working on. It's a little fantasy/mystery lol. You can do a signature (longer than the usual IDF size is fine) or an Instagram post with the idols on top of one another (square). Hunter is the main lead, so he could be at the center. The background can be jet black or any dark color. Thank you once again And don't worry, you can take your time with it.
  3. Hello, @Tiger_8. I truly admire your graphics, and it'd be an honor to have my new signature made by you. =D Here are images of Haley, Wyatt and Beane. Haley can be first on the left, then Wyatt in the middle followed by Beane. The background can be plain and light brown or midnight blue in color.. or anything you find fitting. Lol. No need to put in their names or any text. Thanks sooo much.
  4. Cassandra will be playing at The Mulehouse on July 3rd with her Idol friends Graham, Wyatt, Franklin Boone and Christina Daugherty =D Tickets are sold out but the waitlist is still open. https://wl.seetickets.us/event/Cassandra-Coleman-and-Friends/430277?afflky=TheMulehouse
  5. Last night Beane had a show at Club Passim in Boston that was livestreamed. Here's a replay of the concert =D He did a mix of originals (We're Alright, Obvious, Fireflies etc) and also covers - Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, the Vulfpeck song from his Idol audition, and Chris Stapleton's Tennessee Whiskey at the end.
  6. Tickets are still available for Julia's show in which Wyatt and Louis will be guesting. It will be livestreamed, so you can get virtual tickets too https://dreamstage.live/event/julia-gargano
  7. Not my pick but happy he won. One of my favorite winners.
  8. Lol! Just rewatched the performances a majority of viewers found atrocious. Eight Days a Week is still tops in my book.
  9. Time of My Life, Flame and 23. Love Melissa's too. Watched her season of Canadian Idol
  10. Based on my genre preferences. 1) Haley Reinhart 2) Dalton Rapattoni 3) Gabby Barrett 4) JAX 5) Alex Preston 6) Syesha Mercado 7) Angie Miller 8 ) Melinda Doolittle 9) Casey James 10) Jasmine Trias 11) Grace Kinstler 12) Kimberley Locke 13) Jasmine Trias 14) Elliot Yamin 15) Joshua Ledet 16) 17) 18) Danny Gokey The other two I already forgot. lol.
  11. Happy he keeps doing well on the charts. Glad he won.
  12. https://www.24tix.com/event/264233396/wyatt-pike Hi all. There's another show Wyatt will be playing on July 17th
  13. Beane's merchandises are back on his site if anyone would like to purchase them. Great items www.beanemusic.com
  14. My dream Top 5 Wyatt Pike Beane Casey Bishop Willie Spence Hunter Metts
  15. Fan of Katie Stevens, and I really love her show The Bold Type. I don't think she will do any reality TV again as per one of her interviews. She is doing so well and has a wonderful marriage. I'd rather she keeps taking on more acting roles and do singing on the side. She is mega talented. Would like to see her on movies too.
  16. Just announced yesterday. Wyatt will be playing a show with Julia Gargano in NY. He is one of her special guests along with Louis Knight https://www.eventbrite.com/e/julia-gargano-live-at-snug-harbor-with-special-guests-tickets-153223651065
  17. I would if I were in NY right now, but due to covid, I've been stuck overseas and couldn't get back to the States last year. Have fun if you're going
  18. And Laine Hardy won over Alejandro Aranda two seasons ago.
  19. Very true about Laine. As of now, he is still signed.
  20. Hi all. Beane has just announced a show in Williamsport, PA on May 8. Here's the link. Feel free to help spread the word out. https://caclive.secure.force.com/ticket/?_ga=2.25157624.359223521.1619752483-1470872485.1619752483#/instances/a0F5w00000XoK7XEAV www.caclive.com
  21. Wyatt's music video for Diana is out. It's so wonderfully shot. Also, he is now on Cameo so if anyone would like a personalized video from him, you can head there and make your request.
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