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Found 25 results

  1. hey are you an extraordinarily sexy person with a lot of time on your hands? do you love the voice? have you ever wanted a taste of the show with obscure artists, many of whom have never been on the show? well, look no further! so, the short version of my query is that i'm helping run a fantasy version of the voice with a few friends not on IDF. the format is basically a fusion of S13 and S17, and the cast is made up of a variety of unique singers of all different genres, both from singing shows and not! we've reached the live voting portion of the season, and i was wondering if an
  2. Good idea! I've been watching The Voice since its inception. Like, we're talking since Season 2, the days of Juliet Simms and Jermaine Paul. Needless to say, I've seen a lot of performances, and I've had a lot of thoughts about them. That said, I've never really had an actual outlet to share my thoughts and criticisms about the show before; I didn't really think there was anywhere I could, considering I'm exactly working at a television journalism site at the moment. However, I figured making at thread for my review of the show this season might be a fun little opportunity for me t
  3. FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | SPOTIFY | OFFICIAL WEBSITE -Lee Zimmerman, Popmatters 1. Teraginn 2. jus.vshn 3. FloorWax 4. jamescasaki 5. Zainab Tufail 6. Misirlou 7. AmyNicole 8. Daillon 9. Archanium 10. David68 11. Indiegrl17 12. VoiceFan1 13. Dalton Eduardo 14. Dov 15. Earl 16. realityshownerd 17. Randompersonhere 18.VintageVoice 19. B-B 20. Gustavo527 21. pepperman 22. stillinskies 23. Jyn Mycle 24. vfbraun 25. a
  4. I know it's a longshot, but does anyone know of any full videos of any of the montaged performances that exist out there? I know that a lot of unaired performances from AI get recorded by family/audience members, but I only know of one montaged battle from the Voice that there's a personal recording of. In the older seasons, we at least got the studio recordings or the full videos on YouTube (Season 12), but it's really sad that nowadays a lot of the performances that the artists and musicians put so much work into never see the light of day. I would seriously pay go
  5. I was inspired by the Olympics medal tables on Wikipedia and thought that I could do something similar with the coaches on The Voice. So I objectively ranked the coaches based on how each of their finalists placed (e.g. winner, runner-up, 3rd place, etc.) across all 19 seasons. By default, the table is ordered by the number of winners that each coach had. The number of runner-ups per coach is taken into consideration next, then the number of 3rd-place artists, then the number of 4th-place artists, and finally the number of 5th-place artists. Coaches highlighted in peri
  6. 𝕋𝕙𝕖 π•π• π•šπ•”π•–: 𝕀𝕕𝕠𝕝 𝔽𝕒𝕔π•₯𝕠𝕣 ℙ𝕒𝕣π•₯ 1 Series 1 of A-Kid's The Voice Games Greetings IDF! It's me again, A-Kid to present something new to you, a The Voice game! These past few weeks, I've been making redux here and there but I've decided to rest for a while and make something new. This will be the first ever series of A-Kid's The Voice Games, wherein a mixed format between The Voice and other singing competitions will be involved. For this series, the flow of X-Factor and The Voice will be mixed. Contestants from The Four, The Voice, X-Factor, and American Idol will compete in this series.
  7. Introduction: Aah, looks like I’m back in the Games sub-forum! Anyway, I’m sure this is not the game many of you guys expected, however, I’m sure you’ll like it! About This β€œGame”: I am currently playing a Voice Text Game with my friends (we are currently in the Battle rounds), and I came across an issue. Who would the voting public be? That brought me here today. I would like IDF to serve as the voting public for this. Voting has not started yet, but your first voting opportunity will be to decide the winner of the Three-Way Knockout. I will begin posting performances once th
  9. The best coach contestant duets in the finale! Discuss.
  10. The Voice Winners by Genre Country (7): Cassadee Pope (Season 3: Blake Shelton) Danielle Bradbery (Season 4: Blake Shelton) Craig Wayne Boyd (Season 7: Blake Shelton) Sundance Head (Season 11: Blake Shelton) Chevel Shepherd (Season 15: Kelly Clarkson) Jake Hoot (Season 17: Kelly Clarkson) Todd Tilghman (Season 18: Blake Shelton) Win Percentage: 36.84% Pop (6): Tessanne Chin (Season 5: Adam Levine) Jordan Smith (Season 9: Adam Levine) Alisan Porter (Season 10: Christina Aguilera) Brynn Cartelli
  11. Let me know what you think below
  12. Please share your thoughts in the comments below!
  13. The Voice Winners by the Number of Chairs Turned 1-Chair Turns (2): Chris Blue (Season 12: Alicia Keys) Jake Hoot (Season 17: Kelly Clarkson) Win Percentage: 10.53% 2-Chair Turns (5): Jermaine Paul (Season 2: Blake Shelton) Craig Wayne Boyd (Season 7: Blake Shelton) Sundance Head (Season 11: Blake Shelton) Brynn Cartelli (Season 14: Kelly Clarkson) Carter Rubin (Season 19: Gwen Stefani) Win Percentage: 26.32% 3-Chair Turns (3): Danielle Bradbery (Season 4: Blake Shelton)
  14. I can't believe in 19 seasons they didn't give us an All-Stars season! If they make one who would you like to see as contestants?
  15. THE VOICE AUSTRALIA returns for its 9th season on NINE with coaches Boy George, Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian and Kelly Rowland! Take a peek at the new season below, coming May 24! SEASON 9 TOP 49 * - All-Star contestant Adam Ludewig | Instagram | Blind | Battle - Team Guy Alex Weybury | Instagram | Blind | Battle - Team Kelly Amanda "Stellar" Perry | Instagram | Blind | Battle - Team Delta Andy Dexterity | Instagram | Blind | Battle - Team George Angela Fabian | Instagram | Blind | Battle - Te
  16. Here are the 3 Choices Desz - She is a powerhouse that can be very intimate and soft like Toneisha Harris. Her live performances (in her YT channel) are phenomenal and mind blowing. Tamara - She is a firecracker who can do ANYTHING. Reminds me of a mix of SandyRedd and Kymberyli Joy. Payge - Although she isn’t as vocally skilled, she has the same type of tone and voice as Just Sam from Al 2020
  17. MY RANKINGS, FOR SOME OBVIOUS REASON 1. The Voice Us 2. The Voice Uk 3. The Voice Australia 4. The Voice Holland (Netherlands)
  18. THE VOICE VIDEOS COMPILATION Thank for @ashwinner for this idea Are you tired of searching in youtube or any music platforms for some performance?? Worry no more you can find what you want to fin here, I am updating this everyday until i can search performances and put it here. Feel free to post some of your favorite performance of your favorite singers in the voice!! Spread LOVE not HATE If you dont like some of the performance posted in this thread then don't bash that person or artist*
  19. What are the best semi final duets on the Voice? (in your opinion)
  20. I'm really NOT SURE if this was done before, hopefully not, but if it is, just forget about this thing. Discuss. For me though, every line-up is unique in its own way but I loved the dynamics of Adam, Alicia, Kelly, and Blake, because each coaches represent different genres. Adam- pop-rock Alicia- soul r&b Kelly- pop Blake- country But.. that's just me. What's yours?
  22. The Voice U.S. Season 13 A-Kid's Redux What's up y'all??? Since we are like really doomed and can't go out because of the quarantine. I have thought of being productive and try to make me and my co-fans of TVUS happy by making a redux of one of its seasons! Can y'all believe it that this is already my 3rd Voice Redux?! That's crazy, but without all of you supporting, this won't be possible. So here ya go, this time I will be making a redux of one of the seasons where artists are crazy talented. Goodluck to me and goodluck to YOU. Hopefully, you can support me again this time
  23. Hello! It's me again, A-Kid. Time for another The Voice Redux! I have put a poll on my last the voice redux (s18) about what season would you like for me to have a redux, and many answered Season 17! I do believe that this season had many great talents, and I'm excited for how this redux turns out. Hopefully, y'all can support me like how you supported me in my last! If you want a summary of this season, go check out @IAN27TAY's comment in the link below, and do me a favor please, give his comment a thanks or like react. Thank you
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