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  1. Cassandra's voice is truly divine. Her sound (or maybe phrasing) reminds me of The Corrs, an Irish band consisting of three sisters and their brother.
  2. Motley Crue also posted about her audition on Twitter.
  3. Incredible! At times her vocal delivery reminds me of Beth Hart XD
  4. Saw those. Absolutely stunning =D Also loving "Brave".
  5. 1) Casey Bishop 2) Cassandra Coleman 3) Willie Spence 4) Liahona Olayan 5) Amanda Mena 6) Chayce Beckham 7) Anthony Guzman 8 ) Ammon Olayan 9 ) Hannah Everheart 10) Yurisbel 11) Calvin Upshaw
  6. The JLo/Keith Urban/Harry Connick Jr. era was also quite a positive one, and they were encouraging like the ABC judges. I agree that it's still a talent show at the end of the day mixed with personality as well. It is still a TV show, and the producers want to make it interesting for viewers so sob stories are part of the package (based on what I know as a Music and Media/TV major and what my relatives working in TV say). The show runners usually have a list of quotas every year - they're looking for specific types of contestants (like for example if this year they want two country singers, two within the soul/R&B genre and one representing reggae, they'd look for those and narrow the list down when it gets closer to the Top 24). XD
  7. She's fantastic. Would like to be added too. And I see a dark horse potential.
  8. Tonight I'm revisiting his audition from last week. He has that charisma that reminds me of Dalton Rapattoni. Incredible =D
  9. Please add me =D She's got a lovely voice and artistry. Thank you.
  10. Would like to be added. I absolutely adore her. Wonderful voice and artistry. Thank you =D
  11. Haha. I thought of this as well now that they've been shown. Both are some of my favourite auditions from tonight
  12. Surprised about Nia and also Anilee like the others have also mentioned. I was so sure both would make it. Can see them replacing about three or four names. Hoping there will be some corrections. I remember when the Season 15 Top 14 spoilers were out, and they said Trent did not make it. =p
  13. Agree on "Just A Girl" and all the other covers she did
  14. Based on my preferred genres. 1) Anilee List 2) Nia Renee 3) Benson Boone 4) Grace Kinstler 5) Jason Warrior 6) Alex Miller 7) DJ Johnson 8. Claudia Conway
  15. I wonder if the Top 24/Top 16 will be gender based (Guys Night/Ladies Night) or mixed like in all the ABC seasons (and the last Fox season). That'd be interesting to find out.
  16. Trent Harmon and Dalton Rapattoni are underrated. Also: Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon & Uche lol Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon & Walker Burroughs Love seeing their bromance photos
  17. A diversity win is always going to be great =D After all the audition episodes have been shown, we may get a bigger picture of who could be finale-worthy.
  18. I wonder if audiences get to vote starting in the Top 24 like last season - he will make it though. I'm seeing supporters that don't come from the Tik Tok world. =D
  19. He's talented and has lots of charisma. Would love to be added. Thanks =D
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