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  1. Oh wow from Top 10 to Top 5. I was a bit behind on the news due to final projects for the semester.
  2. Agree with this. At the moment, I'm not living in the States, and people here know Alejandro aka Scarypoolparty. He's very big over here.
  3. Please add me too Definitely loving her.
  4. Divine song. Also, an online Postmodern Jukebox show is coming up on StageIt, and I saw Haley will also perform.
  5. Excited, yes. He sounds very genuine in his performances. I also enjoyed his EP.
  6. Would love to be added. He's got grit and a musicality about him
  7. He probably explained. "Idol" is a TV show so the producers can cut and edit segments as they like. I remember David Cook wasn't popular among the judges too earlier on, and some labeled him as cocky. At times, what happens on TV is not reflective of their actual personality. Great audition by Nick.
  8. Laci still did have a good run, yes. Her EP Something New is magical. Looking forward to the new season premiere.
  9. I was late to all this, and one of my Twitter friends just informed me about it. Lol. Not going to comment on the whole controversy, but from a marriage standpoint, Cade definitely is just hyping his wife up. As a "husband", he's doing the right thing, as husbands are supposed to rave about their wives over others.
  10. Just watched his music video. I'd definitely like to be added
  11. Such a relaxing, unique tone. I'd like to be added.
  12. Would love to be added. Just listened to her original music. What a voice
  13. Thanks for the add. Definitely looking forward to seeing him on the show
  14. I saw the S9 tour at the Nokia Theater in LA. Siobhan's Stockholm Syndrome was sensational lol.
  15. I recall the Farewell Season on FOX putting 3 extra girls with just 10 guys in the Top 24. Anyway, looking forward to the premiere
  16. Would love to be added. His EP on Youtube instantly gave me a Clark Beckham/Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon vibe.
  17. Something Strange is a fave of mine too. That’s also the first song I play at the start of every year.
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