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Best Top 9 (SemiFinal) Performance Of S25 (rate the round and pick the best team)


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  1. 1. Best Top 9 performance

    • Serenity Arce - we can't be friends
    • Maddi Jane - Greedy
    • Tae Lewis - Amazed
    • Karen Waldrup - Stay
    • Asher Havon - irreplaceable
    • Josh Sanders - white horse
    • Nathan Chester - try a little tenderness
    • Bryan Olesen - against all odds
    • Madison Curbelo - time after time
  2. 2. Which team performed best?

  3. 3. Rate the round

    • A+ (one of the best SF's of all time)
    • A (Great)
    • B (Good)
    • C (Average)
    • D (below average)
    • F ( one of the worst)

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  • Hsamid changed the title to Best Top 9 (SemiFinal) Performance Of S25 (rate the round and pick the best team)

1. Asher - This was honestly the best performance of the season and Asher's best performance he has done so far! That was my personal favorite from him. The way he was building up the song and brought a lot of amazing vocal runs and emotions was spot on. Not only that but I freaking loved the song choice for Asher. It's a perfect song for him. I am so glad he sang this because the whole performance was just flawless and perfection. There is nothing I don't like about this. He never misses at all. He was pitch perfect throughout. He's going to destroy everyone in views and likes. He is also Reba's TCO and her favorite. John even called him the best vocalist this season and he's right. He also had all four coaches standing up. I threw all my shoes for this. He deserves to be top 2. He could sing a bad song choice and I'll instantly love his performance.


2. Karen - This was a moment for Karen. Perfect song choice for her and she crushed that. That was her best performance of the season. I am loving all of her performances every single week. She never misses at all.


3. Nathan - Perfect song choice for Nathan! He slayed this and gave his best performance of the season. This man never misses at all. He really is John's TCO right now. He could win it all.


4. Madison - Not my favorite from Madison but she still gave a fantastic performance regardless. I needed just a bit more moments. I did love the beautiful parts she brought and the emotions in her voice was outstanding.


5. Maddi - This was hella great and fun from her! This wasn't the time to do an uptempo song in a Semifinal round to get the public vote though. I don't think Minivan will like it at all. I liked the song choice for her as well.


6. Josh - This was my least favorite from Josh so far but he had some great moments towards the middle and end. The beginning was a bit shaky for me. I wish he had chosen a better song choice that's well known.


7. Tae - This was my least favorite from Tae so far honestly. The song choice didn't fit his voice at all and I was missing the energy he always brings. It's great to see him on a ballad for once but would have preferred a different ballad song. He did great with this though and brought the emotions to the song.


8. Serenity - This is probably one of my favorites from her but not my favorite. She did a great job with it. I just dislike the song for her and it's not going to get her votes. Minivan hates Ariana with a passion and hates anyone who sings her songs. 


9. Bryan - This was the wrong song for Bryan honestly and his worst performance he's done so far. I wasn't a fan of the performance as I think he's in danger of being in the instant save. 


Team D+S but I gave the vote to Team Reba.


I would give it an A.

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I gave my vote for Nathan but I actually think it'd go to Karen now.  But he's still top 3.


My ranking.


1. Karen

Emotive performance, just sounds so mature and like she really connected to the lyrics. Also, perfect vocal this time around.


2. Madison

Lol once again I like her performance much better upon relisten. She makes a lot of tasteful changes to well known songs, and it still feels like she's covering the classic. Once again a really good performance.


3. Nathan

Yeah, dude brought it. I love the other 2 renditions of this version but his distinguishes itself by remaining a pretty straightforward vocal. Opting for well placed growls and sustained notes, giving it a more old-school, classic feel. Well done


4. Josh

I think some of ya'll are sleeping on this performance. This was pretty powerful, albeit a few notes sounded strained or pushed. But considering he's belting most of it with grit, pretty impressive. And come on, how about those last belts! Those were raw, dirty and hit hard. Didn't know he had that in him.


5. Serenity.

Yeah, shocker. Changed the song a lot. But she made it work to suit her vocals. Very pretty. Best she's sounded so far.



6. Tae.

This was better upon relisten. It's mostly lower because his belts didn't sound as effortless and crystal clear this time around. Hints of his voice being exhausted? Surprisingly though, his low notes were pretty good for the most part. So pretty much the opposite of his top 12.


7. Asher

It mskes me sad for me to put him this low. But it mostly has to do with everyone having some of their best performances on the show and a wtf song choice, which speaks to just how good he is. A few ad libs I felt were oddly placed as well. The vocal quality however, didn't suffer, even in the wordy parts.


8. Bryan

An improvement from last week. But not quite there for me. His belting just doesnt sound as powerful or effortless as it did in prelives, and the performance also felt a bit karaoke.


9. Maddi.

Oh maddi...why? The start of the performance? Very good. But when it got to the wordy bits the quality dropped, and then some more once the chorus hit. There was just no oomph to her vocals by then. 




This was a really strong round. I'd say maybe the 2nd best after playoffs? I'd give it an A. Dan + Shay easily had the strongest team as well. 



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1. Nathan Chester - Try a Little Tenderness
2. Karen Waldrup - Stay
3. Serenity Arce - we can't be friends
4. Asher HaVon - Irreplaceable
5. Maddi Jane - greedy
6. Madison Curbelo - Time After Time
7. Tae Lewis - Amazed
8. Josh Sanders - White Horse
9. Bryan Olesen - Against All Odds

Nathan / Team Dan + Shay / A

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