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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 9 - Premieres May 17th


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The Paramount+ series is doing something different next season, bringing back eight queens to not only earn a coveted spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame, but also to compete to win a supersized donation of $200,000 for a charity of their choosing.


That sum will be provided by The Palette Fund, a private foundation that, according to a release, is "dedicated to breaking down barriers and advancing social change in communities that are under-resourced and facing significant challenges."


This new twist doesn't mean the queens will be playing nice this season. The crop of contestants joining this season are some of the strongest competitors in the history of the franchise, and will be battling it out all season long to earn the most for their charities.




National Black Justice Collective



Trans Lifeline



The National Alliance of Mental Illness



The Trevor Project



The Asian American Foundation



Miracle of Love, Inc.



The Anxiety and Depression Association of America



American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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Very excited to see they changed it up.

Living for Plastique, Roxxxy, and Angeria's looks. 

Very excited to see Plastique & Shannel back. 

And of course, I am rooting for Plastique, Angeria and Vanjie to do well for their charity.

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I sort of love that they are doing this for charity.  Thats a hell of a lot of money to spend on drag race if you're not going to get to keep any of it. This is a sick cast of queens.  



Pre-season rankings:

1. Gottmik - One of my favorite fashion queens on the show.  I find her hilarious. I hope she dominates this group!

2. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo - I love me some Miss Vanjie.

3. Angeria Paris VanMichaels - I thought she was robbed of a Top 3 finish on her season.  She is such a polished queen, I think she will excel here.

4. Plastique Tiara - I might be most excited to see Plastique of the whole cast, as shes basically an unknown for me. I've heard she's changed and grown a lot since her season and shes a massive tiktoker.  She is also visually stunning.

5. Roxxxy Andrews - She's a fantastic drag queen, but is she going to be likable enough for me to root for this time?  I couldn't in All-stars 2, but others have changed my mind on their subsequent runs.

6. Shannel - I loved her entrance look, the updated Medusa.  Shannel's personality has annoyed me in the past, but I am willing to give her a chance!

7.  Jorgeous - I was one of the few on here who liked Jorgeous during her season.  I do think this is still a little too soon for a return.

8. Nina West - Not sure I needed Nina again, but it looks like her drag will be stepped up.  Not 

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Interesting cast here. 😮 Most of them I'm excited to see again. Then there are some I could do without seeing again. The competing for their favorite charities is a nice touch too. :yes: 


I think I am most looking forward to Angeria, Gottmik (ugh I can't remember my thoughts of her on her season but I think I was a fan), Plastique and Vanjie.


Oh wow, it's coming back on May 17th. Gosh, I get it and not surprised but was wanting a bit of a longer break. :dead: 

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1. Angeria Paris VanMicheals - she looks SO good, and I can’t wait to see her back

2. Plastique Tiara - insanely stunning. I wasn’t sure if we’d ever see her back but I’m so glad she’s here

3. Roxxxy Andrews - legend! I always have time for Roxxxy

4. Shannel - omgggg. Icon from day 1. So good

5. Jorgeous - feels like a weaker link in this cast but I still really like her and hope she does better than I’m expecting!

6. Gottmik - pleasantly surprised me the first time around so excited to see what we get the second time

7. Vanessa Vanjie - always a riot. The growth from S10 to S11 was already clear so I can’t wait to see what she brings now

8. Nina West

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  1. Plastique Tiara - been on my dream list forever.
  2. Angeria Paris VanMichaels - have a feeling she will shine with this format.
  3. Vanjie - my chaotic queen.
  4. Shannel - excited to see her back.
  5. Roxxxy Andrews - clearly not as big of a fan like others in this thread but i am sure she will do good.
  6. Nina West - I am intrigued to see how her time on Hairspray inspired her run
  7. Jorgeous - unsure what she has to show that she hasn't shown yet
  8. Gottmik - thank you next. 
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2 hours ago, Solaris said:

I sort of love that they are doing this for charity.  Thats a hell of a lot of money to spend on drag race if you're not going to get to keep any of it. This is a sick cast of queens.  

I think the show is paying them all (50k maybe?) to appear on the show plus an extra stipend for their runway packages.

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6 minutes ago, #jeah said:

I think the show is paying them all (50k maybe?) to appear on the show plus an extra stipend for their runway packages.


oh that's great.  The show should do that anyway.  Maybe more queens would participate on All-Stars if the show covered part of their runway costs.

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3 hours ago, *Lily said:

8. Nina West


3 hours ago, Solaris said:





Tea Shade GIF

This stood out to me and cracked me up too - seeing Lily praising everyone and then having nothing to say about Nina West. :dead: 

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I'll try to do some pre-season ranks:


1. Angeria Paris VanMicheals - I've loved Angeria on her original season where she was my favorite. I've been wanting to see her make her All-Stars return and yayyy for it finally happening! I'm ready! :wub: 
2. Vanessa Vanjie - I've always loved and rooted for Vanjie and found her so fun/rootable. Hoping for more of that here. ❤️ 
3. Plastique Tiara - I've always enjoyed her and found her kinda underrated on her run. Looking forward to her this time around. I'll place Plastique above Gottmik as I'm more interested in seeing what she can bring this time around.
4. Gottmik - I liked her on her original season and looking forward to seeing her again.
5. Roxxxy Andrews - I remember loving her on Season 5 and then got really annoyed with how long she lasted on AS2. I am feeling kinda mixed to kinda interested in seeing her again.
6. Jorgeous  - I agree with those that said it's maybe a little too soon for her to be on All-Stars. I'm not sure if she's evolved enough to make a major difference. I would probably want to see her on this like 3 years later down the line?
7. Shannel - Ugh I remember she always annoyed me on the seasons she's been in.  🙈 She's talented for sure but just not a fan of her personality. But those were like the 2009 and early 2010s season, so that was a long time ago and maybe she's changed since then. So I'll go into this giving her an open chance to change my mind.
8. Nina West - LMAO I looked back on some seasons of these queens were on. WHY was I thinking of Tina Burner for Nina? :dead: OK I see Nina was on S11. Don't think I really cared much for her there. Never thought of her for an All-Stars season but open to her trying to impress me.

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Love a fair few of the people returning.


01. Vanjie - She brings the entertainment and her fashion has come on leaps and bounds since she got the opportunity to spend more on her wardrobe. I hope she railroads through the competition.

02. Plastique - I feel as if Plastique has a point to prove now that she’s returning. They edited her to be this shy and reserved character so I’m excited to see if she’ll come out of her shell more now and if the show will show it. She never fails with her looks

03. Shannel - Yessssssss! I’ve seen Shannel live and she is everything. One of my all time favourites.

04. Gottmik - Can see her doing pretty well amongst this cast.
05. Roxxxy - Could kind of live without her returning as I disliked her during her first season and was extremely underwhelmed during her second.
06. Nina - Not one of my favourites and I don’t see how she can perform against the people above but maybe it’ll be all character acting this season where she’ll shine?

07. Jorgeous - Fantastic dancer but she gives nothing when she performs. They could dig up a corpse, place it on the stage and there’d be more emotion.
08. Angeria - I could do without her tbh. She didn’t bring anything new the first time and relied on the same boring stuff we’ve seen for years throughout the seasons. Maybe she’ll have evolved but I didn’t see it in her entrance.

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Not super sold on this cast overall but still hopeful this season will be a serve. It had big shoes to fill coming right after Season 16. Pre-season ranking:


1. Angeria Paris Vanmichaels

2. Plastique Tiara

3. Vanjie

4. Roxxxy Andrews

5. Shannel

6. Jorgeous

7. Gottmik

8. Nina West

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