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Now that we’ve had one full season without Blake, what are people’s thoughts?

Sachin Jain


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    • I am so glad Blake left, it saved the show
    • I think the show was great without him
    • Neutral
    • I miss the cowboy
    • This show flopped without him, and he needs to come back ASAP

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In terms of the entertainment value? Yeah, The coaching panel suffered. But the coaches have always been the least important part of the show for me lol.


In terms of the contestants we saw go through, and the results, I'd say it was very good without him.

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I think that this season showed that you can still have a great season without Blake.  Especially given that the ratings are up from last season, not down.


I think that the panel actually flourished without him.  Don't get why anyone's saying that it suffered without him.  Deluded much?  I think that the panel had a clear freshness without him.  So much positive energy.  Great chemistry among them.  And I imagine that it'll be that way in every season going forward.


Well . . . maybe not next season, but hopefully, every season after that.

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One of the best coach panel in ages, and by my pfp you can guess i love Blake but i was myself surprised on how i didn't even missed his presence, the coaches had a incredible chemistry, Niall and Reba carried the show but both Gwen and John were all very pleasant too and the ratings were strongly consistent, i feel like this season was a breath of fresh air, i'm just a bit worried about next season without Niall.

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I picked "I miss the Cowboy" since I miss Blake's fun personality, but I can also say that this season was still great even without him.


I was surprised at Niall being a likeable coach this season and he's also got good personality which reminds me of Blake's first seasons as a coach. I hope he comes back in the future seasons. 

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