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  1. Congrats to GNT and what a finale and overall season, best one since S13, everybody did well and earned their spot in the finale, also congrats to Kelly for winning her 4th season out of 8, Blake had a great season, John did a LOT better than expected, really enjoyed him this season and i enjoyed Ariana too, too bad that she didn't delivered like people expected.
  2. If talking about balance? maybe, but talent? nah, even if the finale of many seasons were a bit unbalanced, the individual level of talent of the finalists alone from before S14 would be above compared to this season, but still the best finale since S13
  3. Can't believe i actually forgot about Seal, he would do quite great on The Voice US and would be the perfect artist to replace John if we can't ever get Pharrell or Usher back.
  4. If talking about One Direction members, i would like to see Louis Tomlinson as a coach, he was great in The X Factor, he was exactly what Miley, Nick and Ariana were supposed to be, the young and passionate but actual great coach that can win a show. I was always curious to see how will.i.am would be as a coach in the US version, he has been a coach for 10 years like Blake and would be really interesting to see him interacting with Blake and Kelly, he did a season on Australia so isn't actually impossible to happen. Talking about Australia & UK, i would love to see Boy George as a coach too, he did a good job in both UK and AU versions but yeah i know, maybe to risky for US audience? (which is sad tbh...)
  5. After watching the Top 8 results, the first pages of this thread aged so terribly I didn't disliked Ariana but man, she was like Miley, young and very caring and supportive but worse than her on everything else, including the hability of getting good artists during the blinds which should have been a walk in the park for her lol
  6. Personally i don't need a new coach, I would like to see Adam returning, i miss him, it will be 4 years(!!!) by the time S22 starts, i'm pretty sure no one really cares about the DeAndre thing anymore and Adam also got the needed rest, a Blake, Adam, Kelly and JHud panel would be great
  7. Despite the premiere being down, the 2nd episode did good, S20E2 did 6.35, so is exactly 1 million viewers more for S21
  8. https://showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-monday-9-20-2021-top-150-cable-originals-network-finals.html 7.22 on Showbuzzdaily
  9. Cassie was amazing lol that was like a audition from the prime era of TVUS, when someone can deliver a Celine Dion song is always a eargasm, glad that she went with Keith.
  10. I've been fully watching The Voice AU since season 1 (torrent) and i have to say, these first 2 episodes of S10 are probably the best in overall quality that the show ever had, because TVAU always had a problem of having some really good talent here and there but many fodders in the middle too while TVUS was always much stronger as a whole, but man, these 2 episodes were packed with talent, not a surprise that there are so many 4 chair turns because the level is that good. About the coaches, i was a bit skeptical, i really miss Delta, to me she was like Blake, Will.i.am and Tom Jones, that OG coach that's been there since the beginning but Jess surprised me, she's really cute and likeable, probably the best choice to fill Delta's seat. Happy to see Keith back, he has that "original" coach vibe and still charismatic, Rita so far is doing good, a lot better than in her TVUK season but i still don't quite like Guy, i don't know, there's something about him that i just don't like that much, he'ss like Ronan Keating but at least better. Overall, a great start.
  11. I'm happy with Nick, he was a good coach and i liked his personality, he gaves me a more serious Adam vibes, so i don't mind him not being the "funny guy", about John, i like him but he's getting stale, really wish he takes a break in S21, read many mentioning Usher, Jhud or even Alicia, but is Pharrell done with the show? rewatching (for the 100th time) the older seasons, he is such a great guy and brings so much talent and really seemed to enjoy the show, it's kinda surprising they never bring him back after 4 years.
  12. This season will be a regular one in terms of episode numbers and live shows?
  13. Seal on The Voice US would be incredible, i'm a fan of The Voice AU and he is a hell of a coach and also very passionate with his artists, he's like the original "Pharrell / Usher" type of coach, it would bring a lot of new energy to the show and his interactions with Blake would be so interesting. Continuing in the "other The Voice editions", it would be very interesting to see Will.I.Am too
  14. So far taking in count what i have seen i'm liking Nick, his energy kinda reminds me Adam before he got tired but more juvenile like Miley, he is signed for 2 seasons?
  15. You gotta give credits to Kelly, she's doing the job, winning 3 of 4 seasons while Adam won 3 of 16, and 2 of that with country artists, you could even say that she's doing a more competent job than Blake with country artists, John also did a good job and Blake still good as always, only Gwen that seems like didnt improved at all, her biggest problem is always dropping the ball in the semi or finals, Rose closed the finals with a underwhelming song when she could had "that" moment with a better song, but well, overall this season was a big improvement compared to the last ones and one the most solid final 4, curious for S18 with Nick Jonas (Joe wasnt bad on Australia)
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