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Who won the Knockouts: S20 edition


Who won the KO?  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. Pete vs Andrew

    • Pete Mroz - Before You Go
    • Andrew Marshall - I Won't Give Up
  2. 2. Rachel vs Zae

    • Rachel Mac - Foolish Games
    • Zae Romeo - Electric Love
  3. 3. Anna vs Gihanna

    • Anna Grace - If I Die Young
    • Gihanna Zoe - Glitter In The Air

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1. Andrew: I wasnt crazy about either of these so I had no complaints with Pete winning.

2. Zae: I prefer Rachel as an overall contestant but I preferred Zae this round but both did a great job and deserved to go through. No real complaints here either.

3. Anna: Both slayed but Anna's tone is amazing. Gihanna deserved to go through here too though, no complaints with the result.

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Pete vs Andrew

Both songs were a little snoozy for me but I thought Andrew did more with his, Pete kinda felt like he was on autopilot.


Rachel vs Zae

I'll admit I'm biased here because this was the first season I watched since getting back into the show and Rachel was a huge snowflake killer for me. But honestly, I don't think I've enjoyed any performance of hers all the way through, even though there are nice parts here and there. It's not just Zae by default though, he slayed that performance and I loved his take on the song even if I'm partial to Noah Mac.


Anna vs Gihanna

Love Anna's song and she did an amazing job. Her runs were always well executed but not overdone. Gihanna was great too but I got the emotion more from Anna. She's also from my city :ph34rwave:

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I like Pete’s tone more than Andrew’s and I like his song choice better so I’ll go with him.


I’ve never been the biggest fan of Rachel. I think I slightly preferred Zae here honestly.


Gihanna was good but Anna’s makes me emotional every time. I compare Gihanna’s version to Emily’s whenever I watch it

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1. Pete easily. I prefer his tone and he's more vocally competent.


2. Zae though Rachel was great too.


on a sidenote, I remember Zae's fan thread being so active before the show, but when his performances actually aired he was rarely talked about even though he made  lives. Dude's underrated. Even if he did blow his live performance I still think he had one of the best performances in both the BA and KOs. I think his versions of Falling and Electric love are the best on the show honestly..


3. This one's the hardest, but I prefer Anna. Her KO and Playoffs were so good.

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