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Pre Final prediction


Who will win?   

36 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick

    • Bodie
    • Morgan
    • Bryce
    • Omar
    • Brayden

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1. Morgan

2. Bryce

3. Bodie

4. Brayden

5. Omar (unfortunately)


Could see Bodie and Brayden switching if Bodie has another Without Me-style mishap and Brayden does something predictable but decent. I really do believe Morgan will win, but then again I was so sure Brayden was leaving this week so idk...

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31 minutes ago, CocoaPuffs said:

I want Morgan to win very badly but I fear Bryce or Bodie is winning. 

She has more appeal than Maelyn, and Maelyn still won.


Morgan's gonna get Top 2 the very least, as long as she slays with good songs, she's got this tbh.

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