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Favorite Semifinals Instant Save Winning Performance


Favorite Semifinals Instant Save Winning Performance  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Christina Grimmie - Apologize (S6)
    • Koryn Hawthorne - If I Were a Boy (S8)
    • Jeffrey Austin - Make it Rain (S9)
    • Laith Al Saadi - All Along the Watchtower (S10)
    • Josh Gallagher - I Drive Your Truck (S11)
    • Jesse Larson - Tennessee Whiskey (S12)
    • Red Marlow - Dixieland Delight (S13)
    • Britton Buchanan - Dancing on My Own (S14)
    • Kennedy Holmes- How Do I Live (S15)
    • Andrew Sevener - Simple Man (S16)
    • Rose Short - Natural Woman (S17)
    • Toneisha Harris - Loving You (S18)
    • Ian Flanigan - Anymore (S19)
    • Jordan Matthew Young - Drift Away (S20)
    • Jershika Maple- Break Every Chain (S21)

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Since S6, (excluding S7, since they did Wilcards there) we´ve had an Instant Save in the semifinals that allowed the winner of it to eventually get to the finale if they didn´t recieve the PV.


Choose your favorite performance out of these ones, the one you think was most deserving of taking that contestant to the finale. (I realized a lot of them are snowflake killers lol)


Rank them as well if you please.

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Jeffery Austin

Rose Short

Britton Buchanan



Toneisha Harris

Jershika Maple


Laith Al Saadi

Kennedy Holmes

Jordan Matthew Young


Ian Flanigan

Andrew Sevener



Jesse Larson

Red Marlow

Josh Gallagher


Definitely a hit or miss group of contestants for me. Either I really loved them or I didn’t want them to win the save


Also, don’t know Seasons 6-8 save performances well

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Solely based on the performances.


Excellent. Straight to the finale it is.

1. Laith Al Saadi

2. Rose Short

3. Toneisha Harris


Good job. Deserved win.

4. Jeffrey Austin

5. Koryn Hawthorne

6. Andrew Sevener

7. Jershika Maple

8. Britton Buchanan

Not their best performance, but 0 issues with them winning.

9. Jordan Matthew Young (he´s actually a favorite of mine, and I´m glad he won, but indeed this wasn´t his best)

10. Christina Grimmie

11. Ian Flanigan

12. Kennedy Holmes

13. Jesse Larson (Easily his weakest, but he´s another favorite, so I´m glad he won)


Not bad, but I wanted another person to get the save.

14. Red Marlow

15. Josh Gallagher




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For recent seasons definitely Toneisha. I mean, by this point in the competition most contestants have shown what they're capable of. But she brought up a part of her voice none of us knew she had. It's also probably her best "live" performance.

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Off topic but at 0:50 when Toneisha hits the whistle and the coaches freak out and you can't even hear them is  hilarious to me for some reason 💀


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