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The Voice Year 2020(Poll)

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Favorite Season

    • Season 18
    • Season 19
  2. 2. Favorite Winner

    • Todd Tilghman
    • Carter Rubin
  3. 3. Favorite Runner-up

    • Toneisha Harris
    • Jim Ranger

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Honestly, this was a pretty boring year for The Voice IMO.


1. I think S19 was pretty weak but I´ll still easily take it over S18 since I enjoyed a good majority of the pre-lives and the playoffs. The last two weeks (Semis and Finale) bored me though, but at least the artists got to perform live. The format made S18´s "lives" a complete snoozefest, and it started pretty slowly in pre-lives to top it off. 


2. Todd takes it for me. I enjoyed his run on the show despite the format, and I´ve kept up with his music post show. He´s done some great things.


3. Toneisha. She was more consistent than Jim on the show, even if I did enjoy his finale cover. But Toneisha´s KO is fantastic.

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Between Carter and Todd's best performances, I pick Carter. But Todd was consistently very good.


I think there were less flops and underwhelming performances in s18. Generally, most contestants did good. Even though S19 has my favourite contestants between the two seasons. Overall, I might go with S18.


And Toneisha was the better runner up imo. Though both are similar in that I only really like a few of their performances while the rest of their run I didn't care for.

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