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Least likely to make Top 13 (Team Kelly and Ariana)


Choose the least likely to go past playoffs on each team.   

64 members have voted

  1. 1. Team Kelly:

    • Jeremy Rosado
    • Girl Named Tom
    • Gymani
    • Hailey Mia
    • BrittanyBree
  2. 2. Team Ariana

    • Bella DeNapolli
    • Raquel Trinidad
    • Holly Forbes
    • Ryleigh Plank
    • Jim & Sasha

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Team Kelly: BrittanyBree 

Unfortunately, she is against a teenage girl, a very likeable guy with a cute daughter, a trio of siblings who sing songs that could be very Minivan friendly and another black soulful female who is actually an original member of Team Kelly, so her chances of advancing are slim 


Team Ariana: Raquel 

Considering the social media stats, Holly seems to be the more popular out of the five, so she probably is gonna snatch the PV easily. Jim and Sasha are a father/son duo, and they basically have their own lane on Team Ari, so there is a good chance that they get the second PV (That, if Minivan manages to put their transphobia aside, but i have no idea if they actually will do that). Bella also has a chance at PV due to her being a very skilled vocalist. And Ryleigh seems to be, along with Bella, one of Ariana's favorites this season. So that leaves Raquel on an scenario where the chances of her advancing doesn't look very good. (And i actually like her, so don't calle me a hater, i'm just being realistic)



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11 hours ago, Cookie73 said:

We’ve only seen half of the battles, but I’m guessing Brittany and Raquel. 


10 hours ago, VintageVoice said:

Team Kelly: Brittany (the unfortunate reality of moving to a strong team, and Kelly generally moves on her original members over her steals)


Team Ariana: Raquel (the rest of the team seems to better suit the main audience’s tastes)


9 hours ago, Discovolcano said:

Brittney: she’s going she still Gymani which is basically her but better


Raquel: not really the type of singer that gets votes 

These.  Pretty much these.  Except for season nineteen, Kelly has always prioritized her original members over her steals.  So Brittany is toast unless she gets voted through.  And Raquel is definitely someone unfavored by the core voting demographic, so little chance for her.

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