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The Amazing Race Rankdown (Final Rankings Now Due 10/7)


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Weaver Family

Time to continue to my goal of no families in the end game. Sorry not sorry. I hated that season with a passion so this cut shouldn't be surprising and no thoughts cause yall but one could of saved them lol.

Weaver Family actually were my favorite team that season but really that doesn't say much concerning I am cutting them here. They placed 3rd place. So got all the way to the finale and then didn't win lol. That sucks for them.  Atleast they got to travel the world as a family. That's what I  am jealous of. I just didn't enjoy this cycle and have cut or nominated it the whole time lol. MISSON COMPLETE.

Saving: Tammy & Victor

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Maria & Tiffany are professional poker players who competed on The Amazing Race 15. They made over a million dollars playing poker, so they chose to hide their poker profession on the race. They told the other racers they worked for a charity in Los Angeles (which apparently was true but the editors left this fact out). However, when a man at an airport recognized Tiffany from the World Series of Power, the truth about their poker background was revealed to the other teams. The other teams then hated Maria & Tiffany, especially Zev & Justin. The only team Maria & Tiffany seemed to get along with was Sam & Dan (although Maria & Tiffany attended Meghan & Cheyne's wedding too). Maria & Tiffany did struggle throughout the race, and they were saved by lucky breaks twice. They came in last in the first leg in Japan, but it was a non-elimination leg. They were spared again when Zev & Justin lost a passport. However, Marie & Tiffany ended their time on the race in the seventh leg. They were unable to physically complete either Detour. They felt so defeated and chose to quit the race in sixth place. Phil had to go up them instead of them going to the Pit Stop when Phil eliminated them from the race. Anyway, I liked Maria & Tiffany on the race and don't think they were so villainous to warrant the hate they got from some of the racers and fans watching. Kudos to them for lasting this long in the rankdown.


Saving Tyler & James. 

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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (JC Nominates Next)

Natalie and nadiya

Jamie and Cara 

Brooke and Scott

Kelly and Jon

flo and zach

Brendon and Rachel 

Amani and Marcus 

Amy and maya

Colin and Christie

Lyn and karlyn 

Kynt and vyxsin

Trey and lexi

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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (JC’s Nominations Posted)

Natalie & Nadiya




I just picked a team really fast so I can save Trey and Lexi so I cut the first team that I saw that I didn't care about on this list and that ended up being the Twinnies. I liked Natalie on Survivor and I probably would have liked her on the Challenge if she didn't leave early because of pregnancy. But on the Amazing Race I generally found the twinnies to be annoying so needless to say they are not among my favorite teams. They were on 2 seasons of the Amazing Race season 21 and season 24. They were the first team eliminated in season 24 so nothing much to talk about there. Season 21 is where they made their mark where they won 2 legs and finished in fourth place. That season helped them get on future seasons and helped them get on Survivor where Natalie won Survivor and Nadiya was the first boot lol. Anyways it's pretty late so that's all I got to say about them really so out they go from this rankdown now.


Saving Trey & Lexi

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Kynt & Vyxsin

This isn't the cut I wish I had to make unfortunately JC taste is continually completely opposite of mine :dead: and so that leaves too many of my favorites to chose from. That leaves me to cut Kynt & Vyxsin who are my 2nd favorite team after (rip in this game :( ) TK & Rachel. They are iconic in their own right in my opinion. I mean I think when you think of that season Kynt & Vyxsin should be at the fore front of your mind. They were super likeable but also different that your cookie cutter teams. They were hilarious, fun and easy to root for. This cut kinda sucks but unfortunately my options were limited and I panicked to save actual Legends Flo and Zac once again.

SAVING Flo & Zach

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Amani & Marcus


Did y’all know Marcus used to be a professional football player 😮? Okay, I really like Amani & Marcus, but the constant football references were a bit grating to me :haha:. Having said that, Amani & Marcus were a really likable couple and they quietly became one of my faves of the season.
Marcus was kind of a little kid trapped in a large football player’s body. He seemed really excited to be seeing the world and just participating in all the tasks on the race. Amani, meanwhile, was able to keep him grounded most of the time. Amani & Marcus are definitely one of the most functional couples on this show while also remaining entertaining. Marcus never once raised his voice towards Amani or even snapped at her. In fact, Amani said the only time she’d ever seen Marcus lose his temper in her life was in the flight simulator on the final leg. While I love and appreciate my toxic, trainwreck couples, I also stan a kind and respectful couple who treats each other well while also being entertaining!
When you first look at Amani & Marcus, you expect them to be frontrunners, but they were frequently running in the back of the pack having to catch up. In the double elimination in Indonesia, they barely survived getting 9th place. They were in last for the majority of the next leg as well, until Marcus made a comeback at the roadblock at the end of the leg (partly thanks to some help from Andy & Tommy). They did come in last in Malawi, but survived thanks to a NEL. They were also in some trouble in Denmark because they were alone on the last flight (they were too busy sleeping instead of looking for better flights ❤️) but luckily they managed to make a comeback when Jeremy & Sandy got lost and Zac sucked at dancing.
They weren’t all bad at the race! Amani & Marcus frequently went for the more unpopular detour decision, which sometimes gave them a bit of a headstart. I liked their strategy of taking risks and it seemed to work in their favor. They also did manage to win two legs which is something to be proud of. I love their excitement over their leg win in Thailand because it was a total blindside. They were in the back of the pack that leg and they thought they were still towards the back, they didn’t realize they got a really good bus that brought them to the front of the pack. There was also Cathi in the background shrieking and cheering with them when they realized they were the top two ❤️
So even with the constant football analogies, I really liked Amani & Marcus. S19 is a very low stakes season that’s small in the drama department, but it makes up for it in genuine goodness and fun (and then you get S20 a season later which gives the audience all the drama we were thirsting for). They were apparently asked to do S24 but had to turn it down, which is disappointing because they would’ve easily been one of my favorite teams on the cast. Unfortunately Amani & Marcus are one of the smaller teams left so I think they're a fair cut (especially since I love the rest of the nominees), but I'm glad they made it to the top 50.

Save Brooke & Scott

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Lyn & Karlyn were single moms from Alabama who competed on The Amazing Race 10. They were part of the Six Pack alliance with David & Mary and Erwin & Godwin. Unlike the other teams, Lyn & Karlyn had a more pragmatic view of the alliance. They benefited from the alliance, but they didn't plan to hurt their position in the race for the other people like Erwin & Godwin did. Lyn & Karlyn were dismissed as a weaker team to other racers, so it was a surprise when they ended up making it to the final leg. Although they had their struggles throughout the race, they had good navigational skills and were able to keep themselves in the race despite low placements. Lyn & Karlyn also butted heads with other teams, especially with Dustin & Kandice. It seemed like everything Dustin & Kandice did irritated Karlyn, and it came off as very hypocritical too. I remember how Lyn & Karlyn were planning to use the Yield on Dustin & Kandice, but Dustin & Kandice got to the Yield before them and used it on them. Karlyn then said how Dustin & Kandice using the Yield showed how they have no character and that's a decision they will have to live with – even though they were planning to use the Yield themselves! There were other hypocritical moments, such as Lyn & Karlyn complaining how Dustin & Kandice tried to get information from others and wouldn't run their own race even though Lyn & Karlyn were benefiting from the information shared within the Six Pack alliance. Anyway, Lyn & Karlyn did manage to outlast their rivals Dustin & Kandice by making it to the final leg – the first all-female team to do so. They made a blunder when they tried to book tickets to New York from the smaller Orly Airport instead of the larger Charles de Gaulle Airport. Going through Orly helped them get ahead in an earlier task, but going back to Orly doomed them as they did not get on the flight to New York that Tyler & James and Rob & Kimberly boarded. They were clearly out of the running as the finale played out between Tyler & James and Rob & Kimberly, and we didn't even see Lyn & Karlyn again until the race was already over. Sorry to any fans of Lyn & Karlyn for this elimination, but these noms were tough.


Saving Brendon & Rachel.

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First of all, these nominations were truly a choice. Out of the remaining four teams, I am more than fine with cutting Amy & Maya although I did like them on their respective season which was the 25th season.  This team defined that you do not need to have the brauwns to win, especially when you have the brains. They were seen as underdog throughout the race by their fellow teams but they showed them wrong especially with their brains and determination - how many time did they get lost? They were able to really be seen at the end of the season but they were still seen as a the weak link out of the F4. They proved everyone wrong especially when it came to them winning it all, over stronger teams physically. Overall, I really enjoyed them like I enjoyed most of the team on this season.


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Kelly & Jon

Season 4




By far the best team of their season and the only team worth watching it for, but they've made the top 50 (I think) and won for their season so I'm good with them going now. Anyway, they were amazing. Were they assh*les? Sure, but they were ENTERTAINING assh*les. Them making fun of Millie Mole & Chuck the Werewolf gave me so much life. :wub: How can you hate a dude that willingly gets naked on national television? And I'm supposed to root for the jackass gay guys and irrelevant Republican dudes instead? Lmao get out of here.


The only bad thing about them, is that they were supposed to be on All-Stars and backed out at the last minute. :( But then again, perhaps they predicted how terrible that season would be and decided to spare themselves being on it? John Vito & Jill took their place, and if they weren't there to be cut first, Charla & Mirna would probably go on leg 3, so yeah it's probably for the best that they weren't on lol.


Oh and they're still together to this day, still hot to this day, and have children that Kelly decided on the show that they shouldn't have. Kelly/Jon babies inheriting their stupidity. :wub: 


Save Colin & Christie

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  • *Amanda changed the title to The Amazing Race Rankdown (Final Rankings Now Due 10/7)

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